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Help me determine what it is

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First let me say after scanning down through the different headings I am impressed i.e. "The handicapped hunter and shooter". I am on my second year of recovery from a heart attack followed by three strokes within a month and after two years in a wheelchair, six months with a walker now forever with my custom walking stick due to Parkinson's desease.
Second it will be nice to be a member of a forum where you can discuss/ask about more than one Mfgr. of gun.
NOW, if you stuck with me Iam looking for an expert on Colt Police Positive Specials. I am certainly not an expert but I am fairly knowledgeable with these revolvers and being a hobbyist trader I have owned several and I know how to use my reference material.
Some of you are asking what is a hobbyist collector, I look at most firearms as works of art and when I see one, mostly handguns, that Ijust have to own I will buy/trade for it and when Isee a few more I have got to have I hope I make a little money or don't lose too much on the trade. Iknow I should have posted this under general discussions so I will throw at you what I started looking for. I have a beautiful, nickel Police Positive that I have spent three weeks researching and I would like to what it is. I have tried and tried to pst pictures and Ihave followed every variation of instructions and I can't do it.
Since this ran so long I will wait to see what the veterans of the forum would like me to do.

Garrell Patterson
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Garrell if you'll attach them to a email and send to the [email protected]

i'll post them up here for you

i'll be here for a couple hours or so yet

Welcome to the forum !
Here's how I upload pictures. It may not be the best way but its the best one I've found & I have couple hundred pix in it.

To post pix I use & this is how I do it. First I have my pix in .jpg format. The .jpg is called a file extension that IDs that format from the many others. In transfer your pix from camera to computer you usually hav a choice, so go with .jpg. Then transfer them into your computer Pictures section.

Once into photobucket website, entered with your email ID, password, etc. Click on UPLOAD, then on Select Photos & Videos which will bring up something in your computer. Get into that and find your photo you want to upload and click on it. When it comes up look below it and type in a name to ID it. Then click on Save and Continue.

It then comes up in your Album. Put your pointer on your picture and a box comes up around your picture. At the bottom is a choice IMG CODE, at its right a box with [IMG}http etc etc. Click in that box and hold for a moment. It then is copied to you.

I then paste it on my notepad to keep it temporarily till I finish with my upload.

To post it in a forum you paste that in with your text.

After you get pix into photobucket, if you want to see them or download them again you click on Albums. Photobucket is free to begin with. If you get a lot of pictures in it, they will want you to become a member @ about $30 a year.
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If you just want to post pictures, I don't see any point in using Photobucket, when you can upload from your Pictures file directly to the site. Just click on GO ADVANCED after your message. Then go down to MANAGE ATTACHMENTS. Click on that button and it will bring up a browser window that will let you browse your computer's picture file and select a picture to be uploaded to your post. You may select up to 4 pictures for one post.

When you have selected the picture, click on UPLOAD; the picture will be uploaded to this site. I have attached a pic of a .32 Pocket Positive for your viewing pleasure.



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