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(10/14/01 7:35:22 am)
| Edit | Del All Help needed with computer problem.
I have dial-up service with a local ISP. DSL, etc., is not available. I have two telephones, one of which is dedicated to computer use.

THE PROBLEM: I am involuntairly disconnected from my ISP a dozen or more times each day.

ISP blames the telephone company. The telephone company blames the ISP. Both blamed (note past tense) me and my equipment UNTIL the ISP brought their own computer to my home and hooked it to my dedicated line. They suffered the same disconnects with their equipment that I was having. Both the ISP and the telephone company are continuing to work on the problem (so they tell me).

I have (within the last week) bought and installed the most recent iteration of McAfee's VirusScan software. I used this to scan my entire system. No viruses were found.

QUESTION 1: Is there any kind of monitoring software available that will permit me to ascertain the cause of a disconnect?

QUESTION 2: Does anyone have any suggestion for resolving this problem?

Thanks in advance!

-- Al W

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(10/14/01 8:25:01 am)
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Re: Help needed with computer problem.
Hiya' Neo, I've got the same situation here, DSL not available yet...2 phone lines and 1 specifically for the computer. I ocasionally have the same problems here
There is a (for home use) shareware Firewall program by Sygate. It can block incomming and unwanted outgoing information. Give it a look-see at,Sygate Technologieskeep us informed


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(10/14/01 8:41:44 am)
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Well, I'm out in the boonies and my ISP is my local Tinker Toy Telephone Company (with which we have unlimited service). I also have two for telephone, one for computer.

I really can't complain about the service.....however, if I leave my computer online for 20 minutes without any activity, it automatically kicks off-line. The ISP does this to save "line-space" since they have limited facilities.

As soon as I come back to the computer and touch anything, it redials the ISP and I'm back on line again. Could it be that your ISP is set up like this.....and there's a glitch in the redail?

I've also got the latest McAfee VirusScan, so I don't think that would have anything to do with your problem.

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(10/14/01 9:23:21 am)
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same situation here ,boonies ,two lines ,one server to choose from ,for the longest time {5 years ago} i thought we were getting kicked off line ,then i found the time-out-disconnect in internet options , only cured half the problem we still get kicked off at least once a day ,same thing they blame each other ,isp :eek:ld phone lines cant handle our speed ,and some times it is so slow i cant bare to be online ,they claim 56k digital ,it is more like 14.4 analogue

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(10/14/01 10:01:06 am)
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Given that it's probably not a problem with the configuration of you computer, there really is no program that will tell you for sure what the problem is. Of course, if the ISP can remain connected to other people without the problem, it sure points to the phone company. I suspect they already know that...

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(10/14/01 10:02:07 am)
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Ok Guys lets try 2 things here! #1 when you dial up net works dials the ISP it has several computers to choose from. Some are in better mechanical condition than the other so it just picks the first one available. this is what we will try first, from the Tech.'s thenmselves. where your dial up number is ie: 2587135 addd 2 camas (,,) 2587135,, after the number each time you dial up, this will cause a pause and inable your dial up to choose the strongest signal. #2 a ping program, This will send a pulse to your modem telling it it's in use and will not alow you to get bumped off 120 beats per minutes. see note below:

The WakeUp utility will send a packet to the internet every 120 seconds
(you can change the time frame if you like), which keeps the line alive.
If the line is disconnected by your ISP and Windows shows some disconneted
message boxes, the WakeUp utility will try to close them and force Windows
to re-connect.

By right mouse clicking on the icon, you can enable/disable the utility.
By left mouse clicking on the icon, you can bring the dialog of the WakeUp
utility up and change some attributes.

If you like this utility, please send an e-mail with comments to me at:

[email protected]
now let me see if I can figure out a way to send this program to you with out haveing to go throught e-mail

This is an exe file and I can't link it here, but if you want it, "E" me and I'll send it to you via e-mail [email protected]
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(10/14/01 7:14:43 pm)
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1) My computer is configured properly. None of the "time-out" options are active. I do not allow my machine to disconnect even if "it appears that it is no longer needed".

2) I have Outlook Express running and checking incoming mail once each minute. This frequency was established with the approval of the ISP.

3) The ISP has me dialing directly into their "best" server (according to them).

4) I already have a ping program running (Ping Plotter). I have it set up to ping/trace once per second. It gives me a great graph of ping times, however, when a disconnect occurs, it gives me no indication of the cause.

5) For some reason, today (Sunday, 10/14/01) I have had NO disconnects after 13 hours and 46 minutes of continuous connect time. Before today, I have been averaging about one involuntary disconnect per hour. Perhaps the ISP or the telephone company has done something to correct the problem.

6) The ISP tells me that they have no limit on useage, or lack thereof, and that they have no program or system in operation that will disconnect users for any reason, this whether the open connection is being used or not.

7) I can set up my machine to reconnect to the ISP after an involuntary disconnect. However, even if I am able to re-connect to the ISP, this alone will not re-establish the internet connections that I was using prior to the disconnect. For security reasons, these are closed whenever I get disconnected. I must manually re-enter all of my passwords, etc., in order to re-establish communication with the online services that I am using. It's a real pain to do this a dozen or more times each day, not to mention lost opportunity and/or data.

I appreciate the help from you all. If anyone else has other suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear them.


-- NeoDebo
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