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(2/17/03 1:55:32 pm)
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Aside from a 22LR, I realized that most of my rifles are in 270 or larger caliber. So, I'm considering buying a smaller caliber rifle. So far 2 calibers have caught my attention, 220 Swift and 22 Hornet. Can anyone highlight the pros and cons for either? I am leaning towards the Swift at the moment from the perspective of versatility. Also, I was wondering if it would be practical to load the 220 Swift with a reduced load to make it more 22-Hornet-like when the need arose.

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(2/17/03 2:52:17 pm)
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Howdy trs76 and welcome to the forum. Glad to have ya aboard. To get to your question, it would be easier if we knew what you were going to use this for. On one hand, you are at the extreme fast side of the road with the Swift and on the other, you are approaching the slowest side with the Hornet. I would not want to try and download the Swift to Hornet velocities. Maybe if you give us more information as to what you want to do with it we can help you more.

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(2/17/03 5:12:39 pm)
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Welcome to the board, Trs76 - Hope you will join us in the discussions on the many forums here.

Yes, you CAN download the .220 Swift to Hornet velocities and less, if desired. Both the 47th Edition of Lymans Reloading Manual and the 13th Speer Reloading Manual contain reduced loadings. Not said in the manuals, but you'll need a little dacron filler to hold the powder next to the primer flash hole for best ignition.
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