Help with .45 accuracy

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 8, 2003.

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    I just got my first 1911. This is my first pistol bigger then .22LR. I took it out I was shooting at a 12” target at about 20 yards. Out of 3 clips I hit the target only 3 times. I seem to be shooting high and to the left. I think part of the problem was I trying two
    handed stance the guy at the gunshop showed me. I was also trying to shoot with both eyes open. I am a rifle shooter and am used to shooting with my left eye shut. I know it will take time to be accurate with a .45. I am sure everyone has there own techenec. I just want to get the basics down. Should I keep trying to shoot with both eyes open or do what I am used to?

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    Hi mjhgecko.....welcome to TFF.

    Could be the sights are off......but most likely you're flinching (anticipating the recoil). Not at all unusual when moving up from low-recoil rounds like a .22 up to a big, powerful mother like a .45. This is a problem that can be solved.....we'll get to that later.

    First, let's eliminate any gun problems. Have somebody who's a known decent shot with a .45 try it. Also, you can try firing it from a sandbag rest (seated at a sturdy table with the pistol supported on sandbags).....very carefully line up the sights on the target bullseye and just squeeeeeeeze the trigger (so you don't know when it's gonna go off). Shoot in groups of 5 and use a new target for each group. If the groups are less than four inches, the pistol accuracy is acceptable. If the groups are in (or near) the target center, the sights are OK. If the groups are consistantly in one direction, your sights will need to be adjusted.

    Don't worry about "one-eye", "two-eye" whatever is most comfortable for you.

    Try this first, and get back to us and let us know how you did.......then we'll work on other problems (like "flinching", grip, and stance).

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    Re: help with .45 accuracy.
    Use they eye that feels the most comfortable. When I use both eyes I just see crosseyed and everything is a blur beyond the sights.

    Sounds like Xracer will have you fixed up in no time.
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    Piggy you have a case of Cockeyediness

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    Hello mjhgecko, and welcome
    Xracer is telling you right, it sounds like you are anticpating the recoil and actually making the pistol recoil before it starts.

    You may try covering the weak eye lens on your shooting glasses.

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