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I have came across a automatic shotgun , this is ingraved on the gun an the gun is in verry good condition so I'm looking to know the date of it an some info. on it for why it has remmington and brownings on it ?? here is what is on it > REMMINGTON ARMS BROWNINGS MODEL 755A 12GA SN 628873
PAT 68.283-710.094.730-812.236 SO is it a remington or brownings ? and how old is it ? and is it worth anything ? I'v asked some guys an they say yes it's old an some tell me No it's not so I don't know what to think HOPFULLY someone can guide me in the rite direction ! you can respond here or email me at , [email protected]

thanks Steve .

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Steve as to your message to me.
I am not good with this box ether( I was walked through how to post pic. myself by a member) but others will tell you how to post pic. I am not sure what http means.
I am sure some one here will explain and I would like the pics. up on here so others can chime in.Sending them just to me will only get my opinion and those here will tell you I am not always right.
So you asked that when you tried to post pic. it asked for the Http. and what that means.
Can someone here explain to steve?

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when trying to post a pic, you need the url of where the pic is hosted.

when posting, go to the advanced options..

then under that.. click the manage attachments.

another window opens. from there, if the pic is hosted on the internet.. perhaps at picassa or similar, you can put in the url inthat box.

if the pic is on your hard drive, you simply use on e of the buttons to browse for it and set it's path for it to upload.

alternately, if it is already hosted onthe internet, simply putting the url in a message will make something people can copy and past in.. or you can use the advanced options to add a link, pasting in the url in the link area.

lotsa ways to skin this cat!
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