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(2/24/01 5:57:31 pm)
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I am looking for Robert Jon Bruce, A Company, 588th Engineer Battalion. Served: September,'67 to May,'68.
CuChi and TayNinh. Nickname: Gorp. Hometown: Tampa, FL. (at time of service). Does anyone know how to go about finding people on the internet or through any government agencies?
Thanks, Don

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(2/24/01 8:13:09 pm)
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I went to & searched the white pages for Robert Bruce in Florida. I got back 73, one in Tampa. He's at 14124 Cypress Run, Tampa FL 33624
Phone 813 962 0116

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I was with the 588th. in 67 but got transferredin Dec. 67 to 11th. armor if you google 588 th. eng a site will come up it might help. I used to drive a jeep for a 2lt. left when we out fixing the road around black virgin mountain. Prior to the ambush I knew lt. Hill and Doc. Fulton......

Good luck...
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