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Henry Big Boy

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New Henry Big Boy rifle in .357 will not feed if lever is opened and closed slowly. If action is worked quickly, feeds every time. Anybody else have this issue? Is there a fix, or is it just a Henry issue?
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its wear on one of the pins or its hole , ( for the older ones newer one dont have this )

if its a newer one forget what i said ,
i own a winchester in 357 and its the same way,its been like that since new.i dont think its an issue with mine because if you use a positive or a normal amount of force no problem.i hope this helps. old semperfi
I have never purposely cycled a lever[gun] slowly[50yrs]
and would think that simply the design pattern
[mag-lifter-bolt] would prefer it more with at least
some speed and force.
I will get one out and check soon.
I checked both a Marlin 1894C and a Rossi 92[pre-BrazTech]
BOTH of these are unfired, and until just now.....have NEVER
even had a round loaded in them.
{Treeman53, I hope you appreciate the small scratches now
on the loading gates.....I did it 'just for you'}
Both worked well 'in slow motion' with about half a dozen
cycles in each, although the Marlin had one that didn't feed.
This one is brand new, and cycles and feeds flawlessly with fast cycling. If I go slowly, to see how it works, it will not feed the round...
Round just sits there, nose somewhat down, and the bolt goes right over it. After further research, I've found statements that say, "you can't baby it, it likes a crisp cycle with the lever". Apparently, it's made this way, as it does feed flawlessly when the action is cycled quickly, or "crisply".
Its probably got a tight spot in the lifter. When you work it fast it gets past it, when you work it slow it stops there like it hit a brick wall so you think that's as far as it goes.
Give it time.....since it is new.....
as long as it functions properly with a little 'thrust'....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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