Here's one I made earlier..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TranterUK, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    Well, I needed somewhere to put my tea and cookies while watching 'gun nation' on TV last night.

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  2. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2008
    DAV, Deep in the Pineywoods of E. Texas!
    Great idea! If you make the table top out of some thin plywood, you could just grab it up and shoot thru the table top; If ya needed to! 00 buck, and splinters should do the job!:eek::D

  3. Very nice work, Tranter! Have you ever tried making one of those out of an 81mm mortar? A 120 would be too long, but the 81 should work. ;)
  4. mrkirker

    mrkirker New Member

    Jul 13, 2007
    Every home should have one! (at least)
  5. pinecone70

    pinecone70 Active Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Minnesota Gal!
    That is very nice, ideal for a cup of tea.
  6. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    Thanks everyone. Every gun nut should have one! Pistol, a mortar, hm, thinking.

    The tops just MDF, I will refit with something like oak later. The base plate I may just clean and spray black, undecided. Suggestions welcome..
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  7. fmacsin1

    fmacsin1 New Member

    Oct 25, 2008
    Moosehead Lake, Maine
    I'd make sure the safety was on because if someone didn't like that "cuppa tay" you just might have a big hole somewhere else besides the table! I do like the table however! Looks great!
  8. delta13soultaker

    delta13soultaker New Member

    Dec 26, 2003
    Depends on Uncle Sam's whim every 3 yrs.

    Maybe finish it to match the radiator;););)
  9. artabr

    artabr New Member

    Mar 3, 2008
    New Iberia, Louisiana
    It came out great Tranter. :eek: :)
    Please post pics of the finished product. ;) :D

  10. ARB

    ARB New Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    Mid Missouri
    That would make a great lamp as well. Run the cord down the barrel, and somehow make the trigger the on/off switch.:)
  11. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    As it goes Art, it isnt finished. The base is to be painted, or whatever and Mrs T says the top is too small, she thinks it should be the same size as the base. A simple fix, it isnt even screwed in place yet.

    A lamp you say ARB, its not out of the question for the next one.
  12. You could always make one out of a Sten gun, Tranter. Those really weren't much use for anything else. :::::::ducking:::::::: :D;):p
  13. TranterUK

    TranterUK Guest

    Ah, just so my historical friend, not much good you say. But explain then why the Germans, famed for their engineering prowess decided to duplicate the Sten in the last year of the war?

    The fact seems to be few WW2 era smg's were very reliable. Clearing jams, or stoppages as we call them had to be done often.

    I have had the pleasure of firing a variety, and the most reliable of those I have shot were the Tommy Guns.
  14. Because they were simple and cheap to build, Tranter. Towards the end of the war, say late 1944 until May 1945 when it ended, the Reich was short on almost everything it needed to support its weapons industry, especially metals, machine tools and skilled workers. That was thanks mostly to the strategic bombing campaign of the British and Americans. The Sten worked, after a fashion, and it was simple to build, mostly from stamped rather than machined parts.

    I agree, most were relatively unreliable except for the Tommy chopper, and that only so long as a 20-round stick magazine was used instead of a 50-round drum. One must remember, SMGs were still in their infancy in WWII.
  15. 4EvrLearning

    4EvrLearning New Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Left Coast've nearly outdone yourself.... when you have, please do post photos :)
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