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    I recently posted a thread looking for 8th Air Force vets . No takers . OK, whatever. Dad called me today and said that another one of his crew had passed away .
    Bob was the tailgunner and a helluva guy . This generation of heroes is shrinking fast and that is sad . Talk to every WWII vet you can . Encourage your children to do the same . Tell them thank you while you still can . They made history . We owe them . GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM !

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    Well said.

    My granpappy was a wwII vet. Served in the pacific. Only things he ever said was 1) you could watch your gun rust.
    2) your boots rotted off your feet.
    3) They didn't take prisoners.
    Wasn't till after he died that we found out he had a bronze star, couple purple hearts, and a chest full of service medals.
    He just said " I didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have done." Came home with malaria. Wouldn't talk about it...ever. I really miss him.

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