Hey All...

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    Hey All...
    Well... Got some great news!

    I'm starting at a new firm on the 22 of July!! It's called Dewey Ballentine and it has an incredible reputation!! I love the people there and the pay is great! That's always nice! (LOL)

    I hope to be back on the board more soon!

    As of right now, I'm in North Carolina with Nick. He showed me around Camp Lejeune yesterday... place is friggin' HUGE!!!

    He showed me where he went to MOS school, where he stayed... I wasn't allowed out of the car near the barracks.... LOL.... guess the Marines over there aren't allowed to have females near their barracks!!!! But it was cool... we had a lot of fun! Got some pics... get 'em up when I can!

    SIX - check your email!! :)

    Hope you're all doin' well.... talk with ya soon!!!


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    Hi back to you Young Lady---we've all been talking about you (behind your back)---wondering how your job search was going and if some corporation was willing to pay for your ability to get things straightened out for them---seems as if so many are having 'labor pains'. Glad you liked Camp Lejune---the East Coast Seabee Battalions out of Davisville, Rhode Island used to go there for their military training before deploying overseas. I suppose the Gulfport, Mississippi Seabees go there now being that the RI base was deactivated. Good to see you back---and congraulations on your new job. Wilborn

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    Great news Winter and glad to hear your enjoying LeJeune. I personally kinda hated the place myself but that was a long time back and I was fresh outta Nam and had a hard time coping with being stuck down there after what I had been through. Spent many a night on guard duty there thirty some years back and constant "alerts" .....

    Have fun and a safe trip back home. My regards to your Marine and as always .............


    Got your email ...

    Six Out!


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    Re: Hey All...
    Thumbs Up Winter!

    We knew you would do good!
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