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    Apr 1, 2007

    You are going to be reciveing some "Iowa Boys" today or tommarrow... Our National Guard Planes and pilots are comming your way to help with training your guys on the finer points of dog fighting and air support. Usually I get to see these guys going at it in the skies over my farm, as we are in the area between two fighter groups, and they battle over us @ 13,000 ft.. I hope you enjoy seeing them if you get the chance. I think they said on the TV that they are going to be stationed at New South Wales AFB? I hope all involved learn something, and are better at their skills when all is said and done...

    Regards, Kirk
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Kirk , yep there is a exercise on one based near me ( our side ) and the US team will be based out of Richmond ( west of sydney) , no hosting on any list i saw so take it its a closed event , and as its being run by the RAAF they'll have their own entertainment organised more than likely ,

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