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(9/30/01 9:15:24 am)
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How's your "Frankenstein Load" coming? I haven't seen any mushroom clouds from the direction of Indiana.

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(10/11/01 5:47:04 pm)
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Last two weekends I planned to clean out the garage and set up my "state of the art" bench.

The operative word is "planned."

But I DID just buy some S&B OO Buck I'm going to try out for sure this weekend....looks good for unbuffered.

I MAY use the cases for my "specials..." I like that they are "see-through," they'd make good conversation starters when I load them, I could inspect after loading for load/pellet distribution and stacking, and also if I fold crimp, I could then tell which loads are which...hate to "accidently" use one on a squirrel or bunny
I'm so PROUD to be an AMERICAN...
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