Hey X, Black Sheep reunion in Indy...

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    Reply Hey X, Black Sheep Reunion in Indy....
    I was driving home today and they were advertising the Big Air Show they have every year at the Mt. Comfort Airport just east of Indy Sept 6th and 7th. We went to it a few years back, they had a nice showing of CAF WWII stuff, mock low-level bombing runs with a 17 and a 24 in tight formation, dogfights with Corsairs, 51s, 38s, and even a P40 and a 47...

    But this year they are advertising the reunion of the surviving Black Sheep Squadron pilots, as well as reunions for anybody that flew Corsairs in War II or Korea...along with like every flying Corsair in the US or something, I didn't catch the whole ad...

    I just asked my wife if she wanted to go, she passed...my son is coming home tomorrow from college to get his laundry done for the first time, maybe I'll see if he wants to go...if of course he wants his old man seen on campus picking him up...

    It might be neat to see...
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    Reply Re: Hey X, Black Sheep Reunion in Indy....
    Wow......sounds like just a bit of heaven to me! No way that I could make it though. Sept. 7th our Mini Club is having it's monthly meet at the huge Wheels & Wings show up at Classic Motorbooks in Osceola, Wisconsin. They usually have over 1,000 cars there, and a humoungous booksale.

    BTW....Classic Motorbooks publishes a whole bunch of great military aircraft and military history books too: