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(10/7/01 9:16:20 pm)
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I have a remington 7400 and have seen 3 different 10 round aftermarket magazines available for purchase. Eagle Manufacturing, USA-Magazines, and Triple K. I think eagle's mag is plastic and the other are steel. Have any of you used these, good luck, bad luck, recommendations. Would it be possible (and practical) to look into having the gun modified to accept M1A magazines. If so, how much do you think that would cost. Thanks for your help.

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(10/7/01 10:16:42 pm)
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Eagle Poly-carb`s
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(10/8/01 12:10:37 am)
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Re: Hi cap Magazine

If the modification can be done it would probably
run you around $350.00, you'd be better off buying
one of those FAL type rifles for around the same
price or go for the gusto and get an M1A.
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