High power rifle powder questions

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    Hi guys! I am starting to reload my New 264 win mag. I know that I want to start with slow burning powders. The powders I have used in the past are: H1000, H4831, H4831sc, IMR 4350. I would like to hear from some of the users of other slowburning powders. Reloader 19, 22, any others?


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    A subject close to my heart, 22-!

    I'm reloading for a 6.5-06 (a poor man's .264 magnum!) and have tried all those you have listed, plus a few more. Right now, the BEST powder is Alliant RL-25 and Fed 215M primers. I've even tried the VV powders, VV-N160, VV-N165, etc., and find that of all, the Alliant powders seem to work best. I'm sure you're aware, the Alliant powders are produced by Norma and can be cross-loaded with their powders. Good stuff.

    The 6.5's (.264) all seem to do well with IMR 4831 - my 6.5x55 Swede and 6.5x.257 Robt's Ack. Imp. respond just slightly better with that than the RL-22, which is about the same burning rate. Use the standard W-W LR primer, or the CCI BR-2 LR primer for these cartridges.
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    Thanks, Kdub! I'll give them a try.

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