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While making small talk at work today a good friend asked me about a couple of guns he has from his dad. One is a like new in box Supermatic Trophy. He said he had never seen his dad shoot this gun, but knew it had been. It has the 5.5" barrel, two barrel weights and muzzle brake. All of this is still in the original box. He doesnt want to sell it, but needs some kind of information for insurance purposes. I gave him the price from the Blue Book, but that is a best guess now. Can you guys give me a ballpark so he knows what to submit without an appraisal please. I don't have pictures because its not mine, but i will ask him for some today. I know that there are a few people on here that seem to specialize in High Standard and hope they can share their expertise. Thanks in advance.

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The current Blue Book of Gun Values is a good representation of this gun's value. If you are not satisfied with that look for what the guns sold for in the closed auctions on *** ******.

Unless the gun is separately scheduled on the insurance policy which is seldom a bargain, the insurance adjusters will use the Blue Book or perhaps The Standard Catalog of Firearms for settlement.

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Its a great gun and nearly irreplaceable. Mine was a gift from a dear friend who competed with it. You need good mags that are well tuned, otherwise they will be frustrating jam monkeys. Also necessary is high quality ammo, generally standard velocity.

With the weights and muzzle brake it barely jumps when shot, allowing for very rapid follow up shots. Have you're friend give it a go before he sells it. He may never get another chance to shoot one if he does.

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Just follow these instructions closely.

.IMPORTANT!! Follow Guidelines or Post Will Be Removed
Please describe the item in as much detail as possible.

Detail does not mean "in good shape" ,describe how the wood is, how much blueing (% of original finish left) there is etc., and anything else you see that may be helpful.

Tell us all marking, words, and letters anywhere on the gun.

PICTURES are required. Clear, sharp pictures....full length, both left and right sides, as well as closeups of any unusual features, engraving, etc.
Here's How:


If you have an old gun and the markings on it are E over LG then the gun was made in Belgium.

You may try doing a SEARCH and find your gun value. If not, START A NEW THREAD instead of bringing up an old post that has already been answered. THE OLD POST MAY BE IGNORED..

Our entire range of staff, are more than happy to assist you, as well as many of our membership in general, in order to try and answer your questions.
This forum is for firearms values only. Anything else will be deleted.

All members are invited to participate but no guessing. Use the proper books to get an accurate value.

Just remember, we are trying to help YOU. The more info you give us, the more accurate the value will be. And don't forget a couple of PICTURES.
Our experts work hard to give you an accurate value on your firearm so give them the info they need.

Also, we are not an air rifle forum. These posts will be deleted.
No offers to buy or sell in this forum. We have a Buy/Sell/Trade Forum for that.

Any attempt to buy or sell on this forum will result in your suspension from TFF.

If your post is removed it's because the guidelines were not followed.

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Hilarious. I was posting the same thing at the exact same time!
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