History must be remembered and our rights.

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    There is always something in the news or herein , concerning the ever increasing attempts by many to curtail or even eliminate our basic right to self defense and to remain armed.

    I do not have the "quotes" or proper literature records in front of me , however, I know for a fact that many of our original founding fathers and the successive "ratifierers" of the Constitution , either served and or were wounded in the battle of our Independence.

    If memory serves me well , arms control itself was a factor in hastening our war with England. I distinctly remember that "the shot heard round the world " at Lexington , by our Minutemen , was against British soldiers enroute to Concord , to consficate a large cache of "Colonial " arms. I may be off or wrong on this , but I do not think so.

    Regardless , I would hope common sense and a respect for our Rights shall and will be maintained.

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    One such individual that comes to mind that is oft looked down upon because of only one focus is, John Dickinson of Pennsylvania. Dickinson refused to sign the Declaration of Independence because he hoped for the reconciliation with the King *and* did not think it was a war that could be won against Great Britian.

    Dickinson left the Continental Congress without signing the Declaration, inlisted in the Continental Army and fought in her defense. After the war, Dickinson was instrumental in the framing of the Constitution and getting the first two states, Delaware and Pennsylvania, to sign.

    Benjamin Franklin, knowing that the declaration was a traitorous act and could mean the gallows for all of them; he quipped and may have tweaked Thomas Paine's quote from Common Sense, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

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