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    Has anyone out there used one of these, or got close too one. I just saw one being reviewed on the TV (future weapons) and it really looks the business.

    M4 layout in 7.62x51 (like the old AR10). The guy left it in a barrel of water, took it out and and will little more than a quick shake fired full auto straight off! Then he did the same with a tray of dry sand after covering the rifle! Plus, while I know the presenter is an ex Navy Seal, for a full mag of 7.62 on full auto, it controlled really well.

    I have never fired one, but if no one rifle can do it all, this one looks like it has come close.
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  2. I believe I saw that same program on TV a while back, Tranter. No, I've not seen one first hand, but it certainly seems like a potent weapon to me. My only complaint with the old M16 was its lack of penetrating power on hard targets. I've always thought the Army got it right with the 7.62 NATO cartridge they used for the M14. This looks like an updated version of that, the virtues of the M16 with the hitting power of the M14.

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    I agree, I myself have always been a fan of the M4 and used and abused a few. Like you the limitation of a 55gn .22 in a battle rifle had been my main complaint. The idea of a 7.26 M16 is not new, the AR10 did it long ago, all be it with that weird cocking lever in the carry handle.

    This H&K however goes further, it seems to be piston operated (Better already) and very resistant to fouling by sand and water. It was spooky, I mean we all know sand and water screw weapons up, after all, how can parts move if the spaces they will occupy are full of something?

    I would love to have a close up look, but I cant see that happening any time soon.

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    Tranter I have loved and abused a 416 pretty thoroughly and fired 417's enough to be familiar. On the 417, as soon as it (HK's) was jump tested etc etc they started limited service. I don't know I'd call them "future weapons", but I'm sure they made a good TV show. Where I worked we fielded the M110 before it was even the XM110, as far as I know, by buying off the shelf versions in early 2004. We were already using what the new guys showed up with calling it the newest. Of course the M110 and 417 are different designs for different roles, but both 7.62 AR's.

    The 417 is superior to probably any 7.62 AR you can go buy and gives even Knight a run for its money. But it's not revolutionary in any design feature, the piston adds weight but not necessarily reliability, and in my opinion an FN FAL is as controllable because of the pistol grip....the M14 sucks on full-auto because of the stock, not the caliber.

    If they did a show on HK 416/417, they should of did it on the magazines...those are what is news worthy...
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    I must say, Tranter... I am curious as to why you posted this in the "Self Defense" forum. Are you planning on going somewhere a bit dangerous and looking for an appropriate carry weapon?

    Mogadishu perhaps?