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When I lived in south florida, I hunted hogs year round and had freezers full of pork everywhere. I had meat at peoples houses I didnt know because I didnt have room to store the meat. I did pig roasts for everyones birthdays and any other excuse you could come up with to have a pig roast. I got a call from a guy that owned a golf course and he was having trouble with hogs tearing up his greens. He wanted the hogs gone but didnt want any shooting there so we trapped them. Problem was, we would pull up to the traps and there would be 3 in the trap and 3-4 outside of the trap so you didnt want any to get away so...bam, bam, bam.....sorry, we had to shoot some...the rest we took home, fed and fattened up and sold or butchered. Some were just rank and mean as a snake. You couldnt get near the trap and they would charge you and slam into the trap trying to get to you...those were the days. But now, they are out of control....
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