Holmes and Watson

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    Sherloc Holmes and Dr watson are camping out during one of their manny European adventures.
    It is a cold, clear night. One of those magic nights when the air is like crystal.
    They are laying in their sleeping bags when Holmes says
    "look up Watson, tell me what you see"
    Watson: "I see stars Holmes, thousands of them"
    Holmes: "very good Watson, and what do you deduce from this"?
    Watson: " that the universe is infinite, or so vast that it's distance become meaningless. That the earth is but a mere speck in the vastness of it all. That We as a race evolve, mature and become extint with never a trace left behind and the universe will not have noticed, and yet because we cannot compare ourselves to such an incomprehensible power we still need to percieve of ourselves and our deeds as great and important. What more can i say? That god whatever you percieve him to be is in his heaven and all is as it is. Why Holmes? What do you deduce from this?
    Holmes: Someone stole the tent.
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