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Home Defense Shotgun Storage

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(1/26/03 2:26:17 pm)
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I just purchased a Remington 870 for home defense. I have a wife and 3 year old son.

My wife and I are intending to take a shotgun safety course.

My original idea for gun storage was to keep the magazine loaded and use a cable lock to secure the gun. But after reading more articles, I'm more inclined to store the ammo separately in a locked case. To do anything else seems to go against the 10 commandments of gun safety. Our bedroom is too small for a gun safe.

Do you have any recommendations for storing my gun which won't take 10 minutes to prepare and load it? Should I give up the idea of having it ready for a short notice emergency? Any post or articles you can point me to?

Thanks for your help and input!

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(1/26/03 7:02:14 pm)
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Consider a loaded magazie with the action open and one of those "bicycle" type locks through the open ejection port and the bottom.

You can buy some pretty good locks with the large opening in this style and it would be impossible to operate the weapon while this is in place. It may even prevent removal of the shells from the magazine. I'm not sure.

Just remember even with the lock the weapon is only as secure as the key and this will not prevent it from being stolen. Once in an isolated place ANY lock can be defeated.

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(1/27/03 1:01:50 am)
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Re: Home Defense Shotgun Storage

dkeith -

If the 870 is the only weapon you own, or if you intend to store it separately from your other weapons, I would recommend the Tuffys Gun Collar to secure it.

You can leave the magazine tube filled with your favorite load and have the action closed on an empty chamber. Or, you could follow JackRyan's recommendation. Bottom line would not be the security of the weapon from inquisitive hands, but easy access to the weapon in a time of need. Only you can make a decision that you and your wife are comfortable with. No one on this board, any other board, or any of your friends or family can make this very important decision for you.

You have asked for recommendations and have been provided some information by two of us. Undoubtedly there weil be others who will post on this subject also.

I wish you the best of luck in obtaining an answer that you and your wife will be comfortable with and will suit your needs.



However, as you have a three year old daughter, I would mount the Gun Collar in a bedroom closet but invert the set up. By that I mean put the locking portion of the collar at the top; - so that the weapon hangs muzzle down/butt up. You can even leave the key in the collar for speedy access in the event the weapon is needed.

Mounting the locking portion of the collar high up in the closet, and even leaving the key in the collar, should be sufficient to preclude inquisitive eyes and hands from accessing the weapon for a number of years.

Do not keep the fact that you have a shotgun in the house a secret from your daughter. She may be too young right now to understand the complexities of weapon ownership, responsibilities, capabilities, etc., etc., etc., but I would not wait too long to start introducing her to firearm safety. A child is never too young to begin learning about firearms and the complexities surrounding them. A child will not understand the "technical" material related to firearms, but can readily grasp the fundamentals of firearm safety and at an early age.

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(1/27/03 9:30:33 am)
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if your security is an issue put the gun out of reach...

I've made sets of wall hangers, to place above my "locked" (while I'm away) bedroom door.

easy access and out of reach of small children

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(1/27/03 10:36:20 pm)
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Thanks for all your responses. It's very helpful.

I'm leaning toward some kind of wall mounted system that I can place in our closet behind our clothes. I like the idea of a locking vertical hanging system. I would like to use it in conjunction with a lock like this:

Does anyone have any other wall mounted systems they can recommend (in addition to the Tuffy Collar)? Something similar to the Mossberg LocBox.

Thank you for your help.

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if your Remington 870 came with two little green keys you don't have to worry about unauthorized use...the keys can lock the trigger..if it didn't come with those two green keys please allow me to recommend a Master combination triggerlock...
With all the 'defund the police', riots, protests, violence, etc., I'm leaning to keeping my shotgun under the bed to discourage any late night uninvited visitors hopped up on drugs or ideology.
Problem is: I got young grandkids and their friends parading thru the house like Grand Central Station. And they gotta touch everything, "look" at everything, etc.
OK. How about a gun case for my under-the-bed shotgun . . .
  • Will need tether to keep it attached to bedframe
  • Can't use lock and key. Who can find a key in the dark? By then, maybe you're dead.
  • Can't use a combo lock. Who can remember, let alone see, to dial the combo in the middle of the night?
  • Can't leave it unlocked with so many curious little fingers ready to test every lock with crayons, pencils, bobby pins, etc.
  • Getting it out of the safe at bedtime and remembering to put it back the next morning? That's another non-starter.
Aha!! How about a biometric lock?
You opened an 18 year old archived thread for SPAM, I think not!
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