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Hopkins & Allen .32RF Dictator revolver.

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Hello Gents!

I'm guessing I posted my original thread in the wrong forum and haven't received any replies to help me. So I figured I try here.

I have just acquired a nice little Hopkins & Allen Dictator spur hammer in .32 RF with original birds-head grips and it's finish settling into a warm brown patina with a brass front sight. Serial# 6105. This one also looks like it was never nickle plated.

Where all Hopkins & Allen revolver's nickel plated? In doing research, 99% of what I see in the Hopkins & Allen pocket revolvers are nickle.
But I can't find this exact version like the one pictured.

Anymore factoids on this piece would be much appreciated!

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No, I don't think they were all nickel plated, but it was much more common at that time than bluing. The nickeled guns were also less likely to be ruined by rust and thrown away over time, so more of them have survived, as well. Just my two cents.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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