Hopkins and Allen double barrel questions

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Iam the proud inheritor of my grandfather's shotgun, which I have used myself when hunting with him many years back. I have had the gun cleaned and inspected by a local gunsmith, but was left with some questions. This is a hammerless, double barrel Damascus steel barrel shotgun, serial number 7680 and labeled specifically as: -FOREHAND- under which is labeled: HOPKINS & ALLEN ARMS CO. and under that: NORWICH, CT U.S.A. There are no other marks, but for the "patent pend" barely visible inside, when the gun is broken open, opposite the serial #. I suspect that years ago we shot this gun with incorrect "modern" smokeless powder shells. I understand this gun is not to be shot with plastic casing smokeless powder shells and is to be shot, if at all, with black powder shells. If this is correct advice, what guage shell did this gun take and where can I get the shells? If they need to be hand made, who makes them? Any help is much appreciated.
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    H&A Forehand models were manufactured between 1899 and about 1909. these were simply the same guns as Forehand Arms Co. had manufactured between 1890 and 1899. H&A purchased the Forehand Arms Co. in 1899 and continued to make all the Forehand models but added the H&A name to them. the only dating i can do is 1899 to 1909. after 1909 the same guns were offered but the forehand name was dropped.