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1) Lee lock rings are very good.
2) If you need a few more threads, remove the lock ring, remove the O-ring from it, turn it upside down, and screw it back on the die.
3) Some Hornady bushings come with undersized o-rings. This is the "problem" with o-rings. Believe me. The aerospace company I worked for had to individually inspect every single o-ring and we scrapped 50-90% of them for various faults. No body wants a $1billion mission compromised for an o-ring problem.
I found that simply switching to another bushing would solve the problem. Some people make a shim out of beer or soda cans that will let the slightly small o-ring tighten down. Hornady can send you a shim.
For the progressive press, this problem generally shows up with the powder measure. The powder measure is VERY top heavy and can work a too-small bushing loose very quickly.
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