Houston I think I have a PROBLEM

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by v8rx7guy, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. v8rx7guy

    v8rx7guy New Member

    Aug 26, 2012
    so im getting ready to reload some 223 im fairly new to reloading...

    I have a hornady lock n load progressive press which i have reloaded about 500 7mm rem mag rounds with that have all been flawlessly and accuratly reloaded.

    However im trying to reload 223 atm and cant for the life of me figure out why alot of my unsized necks on my brass are .245-.247.. in the hornady handbook of cartridge reloading 8th edition it shows me that the brass neck should be .253. i dont know where I messed up, Im thinking it probly happen when i removed the primers using the press... that it possibly shrunk the neck sizes and i dont know if its reverseable. but if not i just will have to throw away 1500 223 brass and take this as a lesson learned.

    rcbs small base die set is what im using...

    any and all help would be great :)
  2. steve4102

    steve4102 Former Guest

    Jan 27, 2006
    You should be fine. My sized 223 necks measure about .245-.247 as well. If it is new, once fired or recently trimmed, make sure you chamfer the inside of the neck.

    If it is once fired Military/Surplus make sure you remove the primer crimp.

  3. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    You're fine.

    That .253" dimension you mention is the maximum case neck diameter of a loaded cartridge according to the SAAMI spec sheet.
    You don't want to exceed .253" after you've resized the case and have a bullet seated.
    If it is larger, then you will have to turn the neck down to thin the wall...but that extra brass had to flow into the neck from somewhere so it's probably time to discard that case anyway.
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  4. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    If its your intention to keep the necks unsized then you will need a universal decapper die. decapping with the FL die will size the cases.

    V8 in a RX7 eh?? Got any pics??
  5. BlackEagle

    BlackEagle Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nov 25, 2011
    Hey v8rx7guy, welcome to the forum from across the pond. You have just found out one of the great points of this place. People here know what they are talking about, and are happy to pass on their knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

    Around here there are no dumb questions. When it comes to reloading the only dumb question is the one not asked. Good answers from here can avert bad problems out on the range.

    Ask away, and give us a range report when you get a chance.
  6. Big Chevy

    Big Chevy Member

    Mar 10, 2012
    S.W. Florida
    Welcome to the forum v8rx7, I would also love to see some pics of that v8 stuffed into a rx7
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