How about a Makarov?

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    Mar 4, 2007
    The PA-63 is a very good gun, and if it is in good condition with the extra mags, then $200 is a pretty fair price.

    Don't worry about shooting steel cased ammo in it. I have owned and shot various Soviet-blok pistols in 9mmMAK, and every one of them seemed to love it. I usually shoot the Silver Bear JHPs.

    As far as the recoil, there is an easy and inexpensive fix. Wolff Gun Springs sells repacement recoil springs which will tame it. You may also want to replace the mainspring - you'll get a much better double-action trigger pull. Both springs will only cost a few bucks.

    Ignore the nay-sayers. You have a well built, reliable, and accurate pistol that is compact enough and light enough to be a joy to carry, and the 9mmMak is a step up from the 380ACP usually used in pistols of this size.
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