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  1. Jay

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    Mar 26, 2003
    A fellow shooter I have known for years, recently underwent a triple bypass operation. His docs have told him that his recovery will prevent him from driving for 30 days, lifting more than 10 lbs the first month, 20 lbs the second month, and 30 pounds the third month. He usually shoots .22's up to 44mag, and usually carries a .45 acp.

    I'm looking for some relevant knowledge re how soon might he safely resume shooting, considering that recoil and shoulder impact could cause serious problems.

    Thanks, Jay

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    Oct 9, 2006
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    I had a 5-way bypass in Aug. 1985, @ 38 years of age

    I was the only guy in the cardiac care ward with a pregnant wife....:eek: .

    The 30 days of no-driving is due to the post op-medication you are on.

    A kind of CYA for yer Doc.

    The lifting part sounds about right.

    Remember...for this kind of surgery, yer chest (sternum) is sawed in two

    and your chest cavity is opened up like a clam shell or book.....:eek:

    As far as shooting.....trust me....he will know....:D

    IMHO.....I would wait 30 days on the .22, 60 days on the .45 and 90 days on the .44 mag. with heavy loads.

    Tell him not to be impatient.....just thankful he's above ground.....:D

    Dead has got to be booring.....

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    Mar 27, 2003
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    My open heart surgery, rebuilding a valve with tissue not plastic along with 3 by-passes, was in 1998 and performed by the head of the Transplant Team in Birmingham [Good friend of my primary physician, not a transplant candidate].

    He admonished all these rules but with an added one. He didn't want me shooting any large bore guns for a minimum of six months. He did however infer that, if after four I insisted, use the .270 but nothing heavier.....

    He added that my 12 gauge Remington 1187 was in the "heavier" catigory and not to be doing any clays or doves for six months, either..... Since my surgery was in the early fall, I only missed that one deer season !!