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I have a Lyman All American turret press, it has an old RCBS 4 die set for 38 special in it (all this stuff I collected in the early 80’s) I’m not sure how to use them. I’m guessing using the order I have listed below. I also included what is inscribed on top of each die.

1. RCBS 38 SP. SIZE #1 67 I assume it is for resizing but I can only get a casing about half way into it, then it gets really tight and more pressure would just crush the casing.
2. RCBS 38 SPEC. This one works nicely to de-prime and expand mouth slightly for seating bullet.
3. RCBS 38 SP. SEAT #67 It seats the lead at the proper depth. (but at this point the bullet is so loose in the case it can almost drop through to the powder???, is it because I wasn’t able to shrink the case back down with the sizer?
4. RCBS 38-357 TAPER CR. 74 Do I want to use a taper crimp for 38-357? When used it appears to shrink the open end of the casing down from the bullet to about ¼” up.

I assume these are not carbide dies but even with a light oil on the casing I can’t get it to resize the full length of the case—it would crush the case.

Any ideas… should I just deep six the old dies and buy a new 3 die set for it?
The All American is in great shape. Still using the old J type shell holder and it holds the case securely.
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