How do we help our Swiss brothers?

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    Actually, we go through 7-8 hundred lb yukon golds every winter; and still have plenty to replant come May. When you live along the Yukon, it costs over a dollar/lb to fly everything in during winter when road is closed. That means we grow as much as possible, and the wife and I have our teaching certs, so big garden part of summer. Always get 5-6 caribou and a moose subsistence if we are lucky; also put in fish nets when kings show up and later when chums arrive. People here actually seasonally harvest whatever comes through, ducks after ice out Spring migration, sheep when they come down on the river before summer when they retreat up high, and even lynx, bear, snare rabbits early winter, barbecue porkys, ect. We really like it here, kinda like going back in time;;; bottomline everybody should be able to make it & live out of their garden part of the year. Don't mean to get off track.

    The Swiss I have met were all German speaking, In switz they tell me some are Italian, some French, and the rest German. Like I said they are about as easy going as you'll ever find; kinda like the Japanese. We get all kinds of tourists here doing their great white explorer thing down the Yukon. By the time many have went 500 miles, they are wore out about done and want to relax & spend a couple days meeting all the local kooks you find in these rural communities. Anyway, I like the swiss, they are much more sociable & open than say other Euros, they like shooting guns, and tell me they all still have their fathers/grandfathers hunting guns, but most don't hunt much nowadays. They seem to think they have a good system going there, high quality of life. I have known 3 different swiss who have cabins here in Alaska. Swiss are a good bunch, nx one that you meet, break out some guns, you'll see they know all about guns. Actually, like I said the Swiss don't need our help, maybe we might need theirs, ha.

    Here's a true Swiss guy story, happened around a dozen years back when my wife & I were teaching at this Indian Village east of Tok. We were about the only White People around, something everybody should experience once in their life, being the hated minority and all. Anyway, we lived 7 miles from the village but still on village land. Our son came home and said somebody was 300 yards from the house at the turn around and they were yelling & fighting and all. Well, alcohol & fighting is a common mix in Nativeland, so I told the boy to leave them alone. He rode his bike right back there and come back and told me this guy was fighting with his wife and she was screaming. I told the kid to get in the cabin and not to ride back up there. I figured it was just some of the local Indians out of whack. So, then here comes this White guy down our lane, waving and all. He had backed his rented camper down into this 15 foot deep ditch, ha and his wife was the one about half killing him. The guy was all upset and barely able to speak, ha ha. So I showed him some logging chain and he started calling me an angel, ha ha. I ended up dragging him out with the truck, and then had them down the house for coffee. HIs wife spoke well, except about him, ha and thought they were going to get ate by a bear or something, ha ha. Anyway, it was quite funny to think about how she was brow beating him over getting their camper in the ditch. I ended up giving him the village tour, let him meet some of the higher class members of the village and even had him catching reds (sockeye) that were spawning like bluegills on beds on the lake shore; he got a kick outta of it. He took a bunch of picts with local Indians and they were showing him all their old 30-30's traditional guns to Indians. The same guy visited us 2 years later on another trip here along the Yukon.

    Anyway, the Swiss are the best you'll meet from Europe, always smile and never argue with you like say Germans will, ha. Those Germans are easy to get going,ha ha, quite proud & arrogant. So the nx time you meet a Swiss guy, take him hunting, or shooting some guns at nearest river bank; you'll realize pretty quick the Swiss ain't worried about their govt ever taking their guns. And sorry to go on, no more from me.
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    Good stuff, Zhurh.



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    That sounds like so much fun. I want to go! :)
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    Wow, I'm glad it all worked out. I just wished the Common Wealth countries did as well. I hate going to see my Dad in Canada. I have to leave everything at home. He has over 40 acres of prime deer and yote country. The yotes have been breeding with the wolves and have become a big issue. I would love to take a long walk in the woods with my Winchester1894. There is just something about walking in dense woods with your old lever action (iron sights only).
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