I wanted this gun because of its flexability. With .410, it is ideal for the occasional rattler or copperhead that decides to attack me while I am working outside. With the .45 Long Colt, it has plenty of power for anti-personnel use. With the .454 Casull, it should be able to disable a vehicle if fired into the engine.

It took me years to find this gun, and when I finally landed one I started the search for a holster to fit it. I tried my usual go-to places to no avail; they did not make holsters for this model. I did locate a nylon one which had one review that said it "fit like a glove".
True. Like the glove that OJ Simpson tried to get his hand into during his trial.
Strap Fashion accessory Airsoft gun Gun accessory Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Starting pistol

No amount of pressure could get the gun deep enough into the case to even cover the trigger.

Then I came across Craft Holsters. Very clearly and straightforward, they said their holsters were made in China. I have enough experience with Chinese cardboard which is soft, crushes easily and tears easily, to make me nervous about their leather. They had pictures of a cross-draw holster which looked pretty good, and the idea of a cross draw for this huge pistol was attractive; it is so darned big that I would dislocate my shoulder trying to draw it straight up from my belt.
This holster was only $85 including a three letter monogram, and any port in a storm - I ordered one.
I did pay extra for extra packaging and shipping due to my estimation of China's normal packaging and slow boat shipping times, so the whole bill was $101.80.

I got the holster faster than I get one made here in the US, and I have to say I am not disappointed with it.
Gun Handgun holster Gun accessory Revolver Airsoft gun Handgun holster Brown Gun accessory Leather

Is it the quality of one from Savoy Leather?
No, it is not. But Savoy Leather will not make one for this pistol - and yes, I did ask them. They said they could not get a 'fit model'. As long as it took me to get this gun, I believe them.
I did have trouble with the snap strap; following their included instructions, there was NO WAY I could stretch this strap over the spur of the hammer where it naturally falls. So I put alcohol on it, snapped it BELOW the hammer spur, then pried it up into place with a screwdriver. On the shelf that way for a few days, and it now fits fine.
How does it fit?
Since I got this mainly for work, here is the fit on some work pants:
The snap strap and draw is very easy in this configuration.
Handgun holster Arm Waist Personal protective equipment Hand Handgun holster Hand Leg Leather Hardwood Handgun holster Leather Gun accessory Waist Jeans

And it is PERFECT for yard work! One problem I always have is weed whipping - I have to slide my pistol to around five oclock to avoid interference with the weed whip - but this cross draw is on the other side, so no interference at all.

And just for fun, I wondered if CC would be possible.
Military camouflage Clothing Military uniform Outerwear Uniform Military uniform Military camouflage Outerwear Room Design Military camouflage Clothing Military uniform Uniform Camouflage
Yes indeed. All you need is a pot belly and an oversize Hawaiian shirt!

How do I load it?
First two rounds are .410 3" magnum with #6 shot - perfect for snakes.
Second two rounds are .45 Long Colt for the taller snakes.
Last two rounds are .454 Casull, to stop a vehicle trying to steal some of my lawn equipment.

I have now completed outside work for over ten hours wearing this holster, and I must say it is very comfortable, and seems to spread the weight of this cannon enough to make it appear lighter than it actually is.