How much?

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    (4/27/02 11:27:26 pm)
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    How many rounds do you guys usually get out of a one pound can of powder? Assume you're making .45acp with a medium load. I'm WAY NEW to all this and I'm just curious how far I can expect a can to go.

    ...actually my first reloads with be .50AE but I'll be reloading .45 also, so if you guys can give me an estimate on the 50 as well, I'd appreciate it.

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    (4/27/02 11:37:46 pm)
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    Do the math there are 7000 grains to a lb of powder--a pretty hot .45 load might use between 6.4 and 7.4 grains of unique for a 230 grain slug!

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    (4/28/02 8:55:20 am)
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    Yea, but just for targets...I load 230Gr LRNs and even 255Gr SWCs using 4.7 Grains of bullseye

    I like to stretch that powder out...LOL...Truth is my bad wrist likes it a lot better as well.
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