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so many people underestimate this round. I have been shooting with a marlin 917v 17hmr for three years. I know what this round will and won't do, mainly beacuse I have put it to the test, I have a good friend that is a firearms expert for the state police. we did tests with ballistics gell. we used the CCI 20 grain hollow point. this test was done on the state police range, on a day that was 69 degrees, sunny and no wind to speak of.

100 yards it penatrated six inches into a 12" block. 200 yards it penatrated 4.75 inches. 300 yards it pnetrated 2.75 inches. we used a 12"x12"x12" block of ballistic gel. we used a clean block of gel for each shot.

wich at any of these ranges it was leathal. that is why I took a shot at a cyote at 310 yards that was facing me, I used the truck window as a rest. when I puled the triger it fell. a clean shot in the chest.

I have heard of peolpe shooting 500 yards at targets and grouping well, it was in Germany I believe. This test did prove to me that not only is it acurate at 300 yards, but it is also leathal.
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