how to follow Obozo's socialist agenda

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    for your Information

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    Good stuff
    Here is the full size pic (easier to read)


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    Jan 11, 2010
    excellent and thanks eh !
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    Let's not forget Obama's new friends -

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - member, CFR
    Secretary of Treasury Tim Geitherner - member, CFR
    Secretary of Defense Robert Gates - member, CFR
    Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack - member, CFR
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki - member, CFR
    Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano - member, CFR

    Vice President Joe Biden - member, CFR
    Director of Management & Budget Peter Orszag - member, CFR
    Ambassador to United Nations Susan Rice - member, CFR
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    Jan 11, 2010
    oftig yes , and on CFR (thank you ) take a look at who's who..

    Board of Directors

    John Abizaid former Commander, CENTCOM
    Peter Ackerman founder, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
    Fouad Ajami professor in Middle East Studies, Johns Hopkins
    Madeleine K. Albright former Secretary of State
    Henry S. Bienen former president, Northwestern University.
    Alan Blinder economics professor, Princeton
    Mary Boies managing partner, Boies & McInnis
    David G. Bradley chairman, Atlantic Media Company
    Tom Brokaw former editor, NBC Nightly News
    Sylvia Mathews Burwell Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    Kenneth M. Duberstein former White House Chief of Staff
    Martin Feldstein economics professor, Harvard
    Stephen Friedman former chairman, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
    Ann M. Fudge former CEO, Young & Rubicam
    Pamela Gann president, Claremont McKenna College
    J. Tomilson Hill vice chairman, The Blackstone Group
    Donna Hrinak former U.S. diplomat
    Alberto Ibargüen John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
    Shirley Jackson president, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Henry R. Kravis co-founder, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
    Jami Miscik former Deputy Director for Intelligence
    Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Kennedy School of Government
    James W. Owens chairman, Caterpillar Inc.
    Peter G. Peterson chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
    Colin L. Powell former Secretary of State
    Penny Pritzker CEO, Pritzker Realty
    David M. Rubenstein co-founder, The Carlyle Group,
    George Erik Rupp president, International Rescue Committee
    Frederick W. Smith CEO, FedEX
    Joan E. Spero former ambassador
    Vin Weber CEO, Clark & Weinstock
    Christine Todd Whitman former Governor of New Jersey
    Fareed Zakaria editor-At-Large, Time

    Current Council members

    Madeleine Albright, 64th United States Secretary of State
    Eliot Abrams (international lawyer, diplomat)
    John B. Anderson (former Republican/Independent congressman from Illinois)
    Anthony Clark Arend (International Lawyer, and academic).
    Howard Baker (13th Senate Majority Leader of the United States Senate, former Senator from Tennessee, former chief-of-staff to Ronald Reagan)
    James Baker (61st Secretary of State of the Unites States, and 67th Secretary of the Treasury of the United States)
    Michael D. Barnes (former United States democrat congressman from Maryland, and president of the Brady Campaign)
    Joe Biden (47th Vice-President of the United States)
    Josh Bolton (former chief-of-staff to George W. Bush)
    Rudy Boschwitz (former Republican United States Senator from Minnesota)
    Sandy Berger (United States National Security Advisor under President Bill Clinton)
    Michael R. Bloomberg (Current Mayor of New York City)
    Bill Brock (former Republican United States Senator from Tennessee)
    Erin Burnett (CNBC anchor)
    Tom Brokaw (journalist at NBC)
    Howard Berman (United StatesCongressman from California)
    Peter Beinart (academic, columnist)
    L. Paul Bremer (diplomat)
    Edgar Bronfman (a member of the Bronfman dynasty, president of the World Jewish Congress)
    Ethan Bronner (deputy foreign editor of The New York Times)
    Zbigniew Brzezinski (United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter)
    Stephen Gerald Breyer (United States Supreme Court justice)
    Jonathan S. Bush (healthcare CEO, son of Jonathan Bush, brother of NBC entertainment reporter Billy Bush)
    Jimmy Carter (39th President of the United States)
    Frank Carlucci (16th Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan)
    Dick Cheney (46th Vice-President of the United States)
    Warren Christopher (former United States Secretary of State)
    Bill Clinton (42nd President of the United States)
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, (67th United States Secretary of State)
    Henry Cisneros (former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton)
    Mario Cuomo (former Governor of New York)
    Michael Crow (president of Arizona State University)
    Katie Couric (CBS anchor)
    Ed Cox (International attorney, chairman of the New York Republican party, son-in-law of Richard Nixon)
    Kenneth Duberstein (former chief of staff to Ronald Reagan)
    Peggy Dulany (fourth child of David Rockefeller)
    Chris Dodd (United States Senator from Connecticut)
    Michael Dukakis (former Democratic governor of Massachusetts)
    Mervyn M. Dymally (former Democratic congressman from California)
    Lawrence Eagleburger (former United States Secretary of State under President George H. W. Bush)
    Karl Eikenberry (United States Army General, ambassador to Afghanistan)
    Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. (former vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve)
    Noah Feldman (academic and author)
    Alan H. Fleischmann (Co-Founder of ImagineNations Group)
    Dianne Feinstein (United States Senator from California)
    Donald M. Fraser (former Democratic congressman from Minnesota)
    Mikhail Fridman (Russian oligarch, International Advisory Board member)
    Thomas Friedman (journalist, The New York Times)
    Geraldine Ferraro (former Democratic congressmen from New York)
    Tom Foley (57th speaker of the United States House of Representatives)
    Robert M. Gates (United States Secretary of Defense, former Director of Central Intelligence)
    Leslie Gelb (former journalist for the New York Times)
    Dick Gephardt (22nd Majority leader of the United States House of Representatives)
    Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
    Maurice R. Greenberg (former chairman and CEO of AIG)
    Bob Graham (former Democratic governor and senator of Florida)
    David Gergen (advisor to Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, commentator for CNN)
    Mikhail Gorbachev (last President of the USSR)
    Roy M. Goodman (former Republican member of the New York State Senate)
    Newt Gingrich (58th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives)
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (United States Supreme Court justice)
    Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama)
    David A. Harris (director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC))
    Sidney Harman (businessman)
    Michael Hayden (United States Air Force general, former director of the National Security Agency and CIA)
    Gary Hart (former Democratic U.S. Senator representing Colorado, Council for a Livable World chairman, advisory board member for the Partnership for a Secure America)
    Chris Heinz (Heir to the H. J. Heinz Company ketchup fortune)
    Carla Anderson Hills (former secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Gerald Ford)
    Kim Holmes (foreign policy and defense expert)
    Douglas Holtz-Eakin (Economist)
    Warren Hoge (American journalist, formerly of the New York Times)
    Frederick Iseman (businessman, inventor)
    Angelina Jolie Actress, (UN Goodwill Ambassador)[6]
    Vernon Jordan (close advisor to President William J. Clinton)
    Woody Johnson (investor, owner of the New York Jets, heir to Johnson & Johnson)
    Sheila Johnson (businesswoman, president of the Washington Mystics)
    Walter H. Kansteiner, III (American diplomat)
    Peter J. Katzenstein (Political Scientist, academic)
    Thomas Kean, Sr. (former Republican Governor of New Jersey)
    Robert Kagan (cofounded Project for the New American Century)
    Nancy Kassebaum (former Republican Senator from Kansas, daughter of Alf Landon)
    John Kerry (United States Senator of Massachusetts)
    Henry Kissinger (former United States Secretary of State, former Security Advisor)
    Paul R. Krugman (economist, columnist for the New York Times)
    Larry Kudlow (economist, radio talk-show host, CNBC talk show host)
    Charles Krauthammer (columnist, political commentator at Fox News)
    Zalmay Khalilzad (diplomat, former ambassador to the United Nations)
    Jim Leach (former Republican congressman from Iowa)
    Jim Lehrer (anchor for PBS)
    Joe Lieberman (United States Senator from Connecticut)
    Lewis Libby (attorney, former chief-of-staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney)
    David Malpass (economist, Republican politician)
    John McCain (United States Senator of Arizona)
    Bud McFarlane (former national security advisor to Ronald Reagan)
    George McGovern (former Democratic senator from South Dakota)
    George J. Mitchell (17th Senate Majority Leader of the United States Senate, former Senator of Maine)
    Walter Mondale (42nd Vice-President of the United States of America)
    Bill Moyers (former press-secretary to Lyndon Johnson, public commentator for PBS)
    Heather Nauert (journalist and anchor for Fox News)
    Benyamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel)
    John D. Negroponte (United States Deputy Secretary of State, former Director of National Intelligence, former U.S. ambassador to Honduras)
    Joseph Nye (academic)
    Timothy Shriver (chairman & CEO of the Special Olympics)
    Amity Shlaes (Bloomberg News columnist, and author)
    Sandra Day O'Connor (former United States Supreme Court justice)
    Stan O'Neal (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Merrill Lynch)
    Henry Paulson (United States Treasury Secretary)
    David Patraeus (United States Army General, head of CENTCOM)
    Kitty Pilgrim (CNN journalist)
    Richard Pipes (Academic, father of founder/director of Middle East Forum Daniel Pipes)
    Daniel Pipes (academic, writer, historian)
    Norman Podhoretz (former editor-in-chief of "Commentary", senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, Project for the New American Century (PNAC) signatory)
    Steve Poizner (California businessman and Republican politician)
    Colin Powell (former United States Secretary of State, former National Security Advisor, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
    Charles Prince (chief executive officer of Citigroup)
    Condoleezza Rice, 66th United States Secretary of State
    Dan Rather (journalist, formerly anchor at CBS)
    Charles Rangel (United States Congressman from New York City)
    Keith A. Ridley, IV(Washington,DC Businessman)
    Alice Rivlin (economist, former U.S. cabinet member)
    David Rockefeller, Jr.
    John D. Rockefeller, IV (United States Senator of West Virginia)
    Charlie Rose (PBS journalist)
    Edward Regan (former state comptroller of New york)
    Robert Rubin (70th Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton)
    Diane Sawyer (anchor for ABC News)
    Stephen M. Schwebel (jurist, former judge on the International Court of Justice)
    Dan Senor (former foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush, Fox News foreign policy analyst)
    David Stern (commissioner of the NBA)
    Jeffrey D. Sachs (American economist)
    Karenna Gore Schiff (daughter of Al Gore)
    Brent Scowcroft (United States National Security Advisor under Presidents Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush)
    George Shultz (former United States Secretary of State, former United States Secretary of the Treasury, former United States Secretary of Labor)
    Frederick W. Smith {ceo and founder of FedEx}
    Walter B. Slocombe (former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy)
    George Soros (currency speculator, investor, businessman)
    Jonathan Soros
    Lesley Stahl (CBS journalist)
    Yitzhak Shamir (7th Prime Minister of Israel)
    Donna Shalala (former secretary of health and human services under Bill Clinton)
    Eduard Shevardnadze (2nd President of Georgia)
    Adlai Stevenson III (former Democratic Senator from Illinois)
    George Stephanopoulos (former press-secretary under Bill Clinton, co-host of Good Morning America)
    Nathan Sharansky (author, and former Israeli politician)
    Laurence H. Silberman (United States federal judge)
    Stansfield Turner (United States Navy Admiral, former head of the CIA)
    Richard Thornburgh (76th Attorney-General of the United States of America under Reagan & Bush)
    Fred Thompson (Actor, radio talk-show host, former Senator from Tennessee, Presidential candidate)
    Shirley Temple (actress, diplomat)
    Paul Volcker (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
    Rick Warren (American Christian leader)
    Barbara Walters ABC News journalist
    Vin Weber (former United States Republican Congressman from Minnesota)
    Steven Weinberg (American physicist)
    John C. Whitehead (chairman of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, former United States Deputy Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, former Goldman Sachs chairman)
    Christine Todd Whitman (former Republican Governor of New Jersey, and head of the EPA)
    Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby (British member of parliament, International Advisory Board member)
    Richard S. Williamson (diplomat, lawyer, Republican politician)
    Adam Wolfensohn
    James D. Wolfensohn (former president of the World Bank)
    Paul Wolfowitz (former president of the World Bank, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense)
    James Woolsey (former Director of Central Intelligence and former head of the Central Intelligence Agency)
    Paula Zahn (journalist, former anchor at CNN)
    James Zogby (academic, political commentator, and pollster)
    Robert Zoellick (President of the World Bank)
    [edit]Notable historical members
    Kenneth Bacon (American journalist)
    Conrad Black (International Advisory Board member)
    George Wildman Ball (American Diplomat)
    Spruille Braden (American diplomat, businessman)
    McGeorge Bundy (National Security advisor for Presidents John F. Kennedy & Lyndon B. Johnson)
    William Bundy (CIA agent, historian)
    William F. Buckley, Jr (commentator, publisher, founder of the National Review)
    Paul Cravath (lawyer, one of the founders of the council on foreign relations)
    Monica Crowley (former Richard Nixon aide, radio host, and columnist)
    John Chafee (former secretary of the Navy, and republican senator from Rhode Island)
    C. Douglas Dillon (57th Secretary of the Treasury of the United States under John F. Kennedy & Lyndon Johnson)
    Allen Dulles (former Director of the CIA)
    John Foster Dulles (52nd Secretary of State of the United States under Ike Eisenhower)
    President Gerald Ford
    Alexander Haig (United States Army General, 59th Secretary of State of the United States under Ronald Reagan)
    Armand Hammer (businessman, investor)
    W. Averell Harriman (former Democratic Governor of New York, diplomat)
    H. John Heinz III (former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania)
    Henry Hyde (former Republican congressman from Illinois)
    Sergei Karaganov (International Advisory Board member)
    Irving Kristol (journalist, writer, dubbed "The godfather of neoconservatism, father of Bill Kristol)
    George Kennan (diplomat, historian)
    Jeane Kirkpatrick (diplomat, former ambassador to the United Nations)
    Robert Lovett (4th Secretary of Defense of the United States)
    Robert Matsui (former Democratic congressman from California)
    John J. McCloy (lawyer, banker)
    Charles Peter McColough (businessman)
    Robert McNamara (8th Secretary of Defense, former World Bank President)
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan (diplomat, former Democratic Senator from New York)
    Edmund Muskie (58th Secretary of State of the United States)
    Richard M. Nixon (37th President of the United States)
    Paul Nitze (Secretary of the Navy under Lyndon Johnson)
    Nelson Rockefeller (41st Vice-President of the United States, and Governor of New York)
    John D. Rockefeller 3rd
    Felix Rohatyn (investment banker)
    Mark B. Rosenberg (President of Florida International University)
    Eugene Rostow (former dean of Yale law, legal scholar)
    Walt Rostow (National Security advisor to Lyndon Johnson)
    Dean Rusk (54th Secretary of State of the United States)
    Abraham A. Ribicoff (former Democratic Senator from Connecticut)
    Carl Sagan (American scientist)
    Arthur Schlesinger (historian, academic)
    Tony Snow (former press-secretary to George W. Bush, and journalist)
    Ron Silver (actor, director, producer, co-founded One Jerusalem)
    Strobe Talbott (diplomat)
    Cyrus Vance (57th Secretary of State of the United States)
    Vernon A. Walters (United States Army General, former ambassador of the U.N.)
    Albert Wohlstetter
    Roberta Wohlstetter
    Paul Warburg (banker)
    Caspar Weinberger (15th Secretary of Defense for the United States)
    [edit]List of Chairmen
    Russell Cornell Leffingwell 1946-53
    John J. McCloy 1953-70
    David Rockefeller 1970-85
    Peter G. Peterson 1985-2007
    Carla A. Hills (co-chairman) 2007-
    Robert E. Rubin (co-chairman) 2007-

    List of presidents

    John W. Davis 1921-33
    George W. Wickersham 1933-36
    Norman H. Davis 1936-44
    Russell Cornell Leffingwell 1944-46
    Allen Welsh Dulles 1946-50
    Henry Merritt Wriston 1951-64
    Grayson L. Kirk 1964-71
    Bayless Manning 1971-77
    Winston Lord 1977-85
    John Temple Swing 1985-86 (Pro tempore)
    Peter Tarnoff 1986-93
    Alton Frye 1993
    Leslie Gelb 1993-2003
    Richard N. Haass 2003-
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    Feb 25, 2010
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    Jan 11, 2010
  8. ofitg

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I read that the CFR has more than 4000 members - the Globalists' "foot soldiers" in the U.S. - but naturally, the CFR doesn't publicize its membership roster.

    That Australian website has done a good job collecting those names, even though the list might be incomplete.
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    Exactly! I'll go one step further though. I believe that this indoctrination actually began with my parent's generation. I believe it started as far back as Woodrow Wilson. By indoctrinating my parent's generation they actually recruited them voluntarily to indoctrinate my generation. In other words, this was a carefully orchestrated plan from the beginning by the left, and everytime they were in power, they pushed this doctrine a little further.

    I can remember bringing home my history books to get help from my mom with my history lessons. She would read the book and was actually surprised to learn that some of what she had learned was now omitted from history and the rest of what she had been taught now meant something else. But, in my parent's generation, they still trusted the government. They believed that if the government said it, it must be true. And since the government was in charge of the educational system, then the history books must also be correct. Remember now that most of working class America was low educated and had come through some tough times where President Roosevelt (to name the man most of working class America worshipped) had just "pulled America through a major world war and another depression." They believed in their elected officials (if they were democrat) to the point of not even questioning a Democrat at all. Remember all democrats were for the working man and all republicans were for the rich man in the minds of middle class Americans then and to some extent they still believe this now. It was democrats who started the wellfare system, and most Americans needed some relief then, so naturally they were beholding to democrats.

    The point is, middle class America got used to thinking that they deserved a handout from the rich, and the left played on this ideal to push their progressive agenda, and it all started with Woodrow Wilson and continued when Roosevelt got elected. Every democrat elected to public office since then has continued the push toward Socialism. They will one day accomplish this if the entitlement attitude of this nation is not changed.
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