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    The easiest format to work with for posting is jpg. You will need to use the software that came with your digital camera to transfer the pictures to the hard drive of your computer. Once it's on your computer, you may need to resize the picture so that it won't be so huge once it's posted. You should be able to use your digital camera software for that as well. I like to keep my pics down to 400 pixels wide unless I'm really trying to show a lot of detail.

    Once you have the picture onto your computer and sized, you will come here and compose your post as always. Below the box where you type your post, you will see an area called Additional Options. Within that area is a section called Attach Files, with a button that says Manage Attachments. When you click on that button, it opens a new window. In that window you will use the Browse button to find the file on your hard drive that you want to attach. After you have found your file, click the Upload button. It may take a few moments for the picture to upload, depending on the size and your connection speed. Once it is uploaded, you will see the name in the section Current Attachments. Click the button labeled Close This Window to come back to the main window. Click the Submit Reply button, and you're done.

    It takes a lot of words to describe what is actually accomplished in a few mouse-clicks, so don't let the length of my description discourage you. :)


    Another way to post pictures is to link to a picture already online. Often, your ISP will provide you with web space where you can store pictures. You can also open an account with a picture hosting site such as Photobucket ( After you have uploaded your pictures to your site, you will use the img tags to display the image in your post. To do so, click the Insert Image button while you are composing a post (it's the button that looks like a picture-postcard) and type (or copy/paste) the complete URL of the image you want to display. Or you can type the URL in body of your post and put [img*] in front of the URL and [/img*] behind it. (Leave out the asterisks when you do this; I only included them here to force the img tags to show.) When you complete your post, the image will be displayed.

    One issue to be aware of when linking to images online: Some sites (Angelfire is one that comes to mind) do not allow you to link directly to an image stored on a personal web space on their server. It's called "remote loading" and it will usually be mentioned in their TOS (terms of service) if it is not allowed.
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