How you can help to squash Obama "BEFORE" the 2012 election!/!

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    I apologize for this being so chatty and for being so long, I did not plan for
    it to be that way, but please see what I have to say before throwing in the
    towel or booting this off forum.

    I will state my position up front right here right now:
    I do not believe Obama is eligible to be president in the first place!
    Not according to the Constitution.

    Obama does not meet the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president be a
    "natural born citizen", he claims he was born in Hawaii. But he is a dual
    citizen because of his father's British citizenship at the time of his birth.

    Obama, by his own actions has created much doubt about his eligibility by not
    showing his birth certificate and other pertinent papers.

    So, I believe that the more doubt that can be place and spread around in the
    publics mind will help to beat him in the coming election. I also believe that
    the more politicians who hear about this doubt, the more they will pay

    I have "TWO" subjects in this post.
    Subject #1- "Where is the real birth certificate?"
    Subject #2- The economic crisis we are in.
    I will be talking about both, and I do not want to lose site of the main reason
    I came here which is Subject #1- "Where is the real birth certificate?". That is
    the main focal point here.

    I am not much of a writer by any means, which makes this post very difficult for
    me and if it were not for a "spell check" I would not be here! In doing this I
    have to keep the main subject of "Where is the real birth certificate?" from
    being overshadowed by the finical crises we are in, there needs to be separation
    of the two for clarity sake.

    You know and I know that the financial crisis we are in is paramount, it is
    devastating. The future of America is weighed in the balances. I am not
    trying to diminish the crisis one iota. I want to distinguish here how I use the
    phrase "Where is the real birth certificate?", while I am bantering congress
    over the financial crisis we are in gives me a great opportunity to place
    that "doubt" regarding the birth certificate.

    Moving on... at first, in the beginning anyone who posed the question: "wheres
    the birth certificate" was ostracized by the media and any pundits supporting
    Obama. But that is changing now, for example, as of March 8,2011 there are 13
    states with new bills to be voted on that will qualify or disqualify candidates
    in those states if they want to run for president in those states.

    Think about that for a moment... and what that could mean. If just one state
    during the next election has such a law on the books, and a candidate either
    does not qualify or does not apply to qualify... the large amount of doubt that
    will be placed on that candidate. That doubt alone, could be strong enough... to
    get him beat BUT FOR NO OTHER REASON!/!

    So here is what I have been doing to spread that doubt around:
    1- I put this question: "Where is the real birth certificate?"
    on the bottom line of every email I send out with the exception of emails
    regarding someones sickness or death.

    2- During all my calls to congressman I end the calls with the same question:
    "Where is the real birth certificate?"
    Some of the aides just laugh and say I don't know, but some try to defend
    Obama with "it's his right to keep such information from the public". I
    counter with:
    1 - Why is he hiding it.
    2 - He's not qualified as per the Constitution because one of his parents
    is foreign born and his duel citizenship.
    3 - Bush gave up his military records, whats Obama excuse other than he
    is not qualified under the Constitution regarding his foreign born
    father. Not one aide has continued the argument at that point.
    I do several of these calls a month.

    I email these Congressman each day, most days I post several different
    messages at each website with different subjects. I try to keep each email
    simple and to the point:
    - Speaker John Boehner (email daily)
    - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (email daily)
    - My states congresswomen two each both left wing democrats (email daily)
    - and this website at (email daily)
    I have been emailing all the above, along with many, many other congressmen
    and senators during this economical crises we are in, which gives me a chance to
    really push my agenda of creating all the doubt I can.

    One dose not have to have a new and different email or post each and everyday.
    One needs only to have a clear message in their email that they want to get over
    to congress, and post it several times everyday, even on the weekends.

    Everyday I post on the above congressman's website emails about the spending and
    lying they are doing to us, and at the same time on the bottom line in each of
    my emails I post my question: "Where is the real birth certificate?"

    Everyday I post my suggestion on how to cut the budget at "" and end
    each suggestion with the question: "Where is the real birth certificate?"

    BTW I almost forgot, one small point about all my postings above and that is
    this... whenever I finish a post to a member of congress for myself I then
    post for my wife, we both use the same email address where they ask for our
    email address. I did not want to forget this point because many of you are
    married and have girlfriends and pardoners and how would they (congress) know if
    both of you do not use the same email address?

    There is much information that can be found about the momentum of the campaign
    on "Where is the birth certificate" at While on their website do a
    search in their search box for "birth certificate", you'll get plenty to read
    about their very effective campaign.

    Here are some other places I go to post to give more visibility to the question
    of wheres the birth certificate: I post comments at News sites that ask for
    comments. This is an example of one of my post of comments posted to such a site
    airing the news of our involvement in Libya right now. It matters not what their
    news topic is about, it's a place that I can post the question for others to
    see. Heres one of my comment just as it was posted:

    Please allow me to try as I might to get this straight...
    Again, we are going to spill American blood helping the Islamist fight among
    themselves so they can use their oil money to infiltrate our country and
    government to give us their beautiful sharia law.

    Wow! Start up the draft yesterday please, we want to get everyone over there
    to help these wonderful peace loving people as fast as we can!

    Where's the "real" birth certificate?


    The above post was at posted at this website posted under the name of "fire
    boy", last count 15 people agreed with me and 2 did not agree with me. There
    were well over 400 post on that news site last count, for sure 17 people saw my
    post. Check me out, it's about 20 pages deep last time there, do a search on
    "fire boy", and flip the pages while doing the search at:

    I'm sure by now you are getting the picture, no matter what the subject is or
    where it's at, if I can I will inject the phrase:
    "Where is the real birth certificate?"
    BTW, there has been sites that will not allow my post so I move on to the next

    Please, join with me. Together we can push this point into the real outer
    limits... until it become a stone around Obama neck. To the point of him not
    even running in the 2012 election. Who knows... if just one branch of our
    government started pushing for impeachment on this phony, that could put a
    strangle hold on his entire agenda of ever running again.

    Impeachment would be to good, ineligibility will be WONDERFUL because it will
    void every piece of paper he has signed into law, that is my goal.

    Thank you for allowing me to post here.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I "Thank" all those who are
    involved. For the time it is very late.fb
  2. ozo

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Thanks for your efforts Fireboy.

  3. WABob

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    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    Do you have a link to a law or court case that says dual citizenship negates natural born citizenship? You might want to take a look at . Any person born in the USA (especially of an American mother) is going to be considered natural born. Obama needs to be defeated, but this is not the way to do it. If there is actual proof of alien birth, then I have yet to see it. Sure would like to though.

    Some of those states that are trying to amend their laws to require an original birth certificate to be placed on the ballot are merely attempting to ensure that no one voting in their state is able to vote for president. Since no one is able to actually submit an original birth certificate ( they can only get certified copies) to the state proving their American citizenship, there is no way anyone is going to appear on CT and AZ ballots for president if those bills pass into law.
  4. fireboy

    fireboy New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Left Coast
    Thanks WABob for your input. No to your question "Do you have a link to a law or
    court case that says dual citizenship negates natural born citizenship?" other
    than the one I'll give below.

    Nailing Obama using the 14th Amendment will be a problem. Creating the "doubt"
    will be much easier and applying for eligibility in the different states will
    be his down fall, he has yet to prove he was born in the U.S..

    I will post links to a lot of information of which I talk, I can not post
    here the facts due to copy-write laws. You will find much to ponder over.

    Please see this link first, very encouraging.
    Law prof calls on House to investigate eligibility
    'Citizens whom the media and pundits dismiss as 'birthers' have raised
    legitimate questions'

    Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law
    Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again

    See this page where I did a search on "original birth certificate"
  5. WABob

    WABob Former Guest

    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    Actually Hawaii state law says that the certification of live birth that was issued and shown on the internet meets all requirements for a birth certificate in the USA. There is no law in the entire USA that makes this printout unacceptable where a birth certificate is required. You can look for yourself on the Hawaii government website. Here is a good place to start.
    So legally, Obama has all the proof he needs. We will need to defeat him the old fashion way, at the ballot box.

    In the link above, it says in part "The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born." The Constitution actually says the following about who can be president.
    This is what the framers intended. The framers wanted natural born citizens but also "grandfathered" in those who were not born in the country (ie before 1776). Some of our early presidents were born British subjects and would not have been qualified to be president if it was restricted only to those who were natural born citizens. I copied this from a sticky in this section of the forum. Although the grandfather clause is now a moot point, if anyone is going to discuss framer intent, it needs to be included.

    Bob Unruh (the author in your first link) is an idiot for thinking he is qualified to have an opinion on the matter if he is just going to make things up and pass them off as the truth.

    I am not aware of any country that forces citizenship upon any school students, but it seems stupid to assume that any of them did. I would think that even the most backward of countries have more stringent requirements for potential citizens.

    As far as relevent records to prove that Obama is a natural born citizen, that one has been released. It is up to Obama to keep private or release other records. If he needed to do so to get on a ballot, then he might not keep them private. But as long as he was running against the lame McCain/Palin ticket, he could have done anything and still been elected. If the GOP does not get their head out of their ass, then Obama is going to effortlessly skate in for another four years.

    I cannot get your "BORN IN THE USA?" to open.

    Is there a certain link from your search that you wanted to discuss?
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  6. fireboy

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    Aug 21, 2010
    Left Coast
    WABob, all the links work. I re-tried them again, you might try double clicking
    on each links, that usually works for me. If that don't work and your using
    windows IE thats most-likely the problem, which I dumped 20 years ago and went
    to Linux.

    As for as one of the links for discussion try this page where I did a search on
    "original birth certificate". You'll find theres about a months worth of reading
    here from a tuck load of idiots:
  7. jbmid1

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    Feb 3, 2011
    Tucson, AZ
    My idea on how to "squash" Obama on or before 2012 is to allow him one or two small victories in the gun control arena that will cause him to lose most his support from the mainstream. If he were to win a magazine ban and add some more language to background check requirements the backlash would probably be insurmountable.
  8. WABob

    WABob Former Guest

    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    I was able to view the Born in the USA link. It references the AZ bill (HB2544) sponsored by Burges. She is an idiot. Her bill requires that a candidate submit an original birth certificate. Actual original birth certificates are not available to private citizens in AZ (like most states including HI), only certified copies or other computer generated printouts. I have read an e-mail from her showing that she knows this. This means her bill would guarantee that no one in AZ would be able to be on the ballot for president. This would bar all AZ residents from voting for a presidential candidate from their state. This is a very bone headed move on her part.

    Most of what I have read on WND is written by idiots, on that I will agree. :)
  9. WABob

    WABob Former Guest

    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    Way too risky. If we give an inch they will take a mile. We were very lucky to get Congress to put a sunset provision in the AWB of 1994, otherwise we would still be oppressed by it.

    Remember when Clinton was elected? He was wrapped around the little finger of Sarah Brady and helped pass the AWB in 1994. This did not stop him from being re-elected in 1996 although the Democrats lost control of Congress.

    Obama's ratings are already slipping. It is up to the GOP to position a reliable candidate to defeat him. Surely they can do better than McCain.
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  10. fireboy

    fireboy New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Left Coast
    I think the point has been missed completely. What these states are trying
    to do is make sure that those who are running as candidates are qualified.
  11. fireboy

    fireboy New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Left Coast
    You wanted a court case well this may be better:
    *The Citizenship Status of Our 44 Presidents*
    By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
    February 14, 2011

    Some of the things that can be learned here is that: a natural born husband
    (born is US) can confer citizenship to a foreign born wife but a natural born
    wife (born in US) gets her citizenship conferred to her from her foreign born
    husband, she becomes a foreigner. And, that obamas mother had to live in the
    U.S. for five years after her fourteen birthday she gave birth at eighteen
    which is one year shy.
    So obama was born to foreigners.

    But like the others this is probably all just written by idiots too.
  12. WABob

    WABob Former Guest

    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    I think you need to read those bills again. In the case of AZ, the bill requires that a person submit a document that they probably cannot possess. AZ law does not allow the state to give up the original birth certificate to anyone requesting it, they only issue certified copies.

    What Burges is doing is making it impossible for anyone born in AZ to appear on the ballot for president. If she does not understand what her own state law says about birth certificates, then she is not so bright. If she knows, then she is doing her constituents a grave disservice by taking away their vote for president, especially as most other states as far as I know have similar laws about original birth certificates.

    If you take a look at you can see exactly how Burges is trying to screw over the people in Arizona. It clearly allows certified copies, but restricts originals. Take a look at HB2544. It clearly requires an original birth certificate.

    Based upon the e-mail forwarded to me, I think she is an idiot. But maybe she does have an agenda and hopes to screw over the people living in the state instead. Here is her e-mail;

    Maybe she does have an original birth certificate; good for her. This might make her one of the few people qualified to be on the ballot for president in AZ. Agenda anyone? She might consider a certified copy an original, but she would be an idiot if she did. She says that they are considering changing bill 2544 to require certified copies, but it has been over a month since I got the e-mail and there is no change so far according to the AZ gov website. According to the AZ gov website, the bill is still in the Judiciary committee and had until sometime in February to get out, so it looks like her bill is dead.

    Burges needs to change the bill to require a certified copy if she hopes to gain any credibility. But her decision to require an original may come back to haunt her if an amended bill is up for consideration next session. It is too bad, all of the states should have a law that requires a certified copy of a birth certificate showing place of birth for a presidential candidate, but this fiasco might hurt the chances of a good bill being passed into law.
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  13. WABob

    WABob Former Guest

    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    If you read the cases quoted by Apuzzo, they do define in individual cases that a certain person is a natural born citizen. Nowhere do they say (as far as I know) that a child born in the USA to an American mother and alien father is not a natural born citizen of the USA.

    It really is a simple matter here. Stanley Ann Dunham was a citizen of the USA and she was living in Hawaii when she gave birth to her son. There is no law in force back then that stripped Dunham of her US citizenship when she married Obama Sr. The age restrictions you refer to do not apply unless you are able to present evidence that she was not in the USA when her son was born.

    Apuzzo refers to the case of US vs Wong Kim Ark extensively. This case decided that a child born in the USA to foreign born parents was a citizen. The case also extensively quotes precedents that say children of aliens born in a country are natural born.

    Can you show me the words in the court cases cited by Apuzzo that support your claim that a children born in the USA to an American mother and an alien father is not natural born?

    Apuzzo is not an idiot like Orly Taitz is, but he does appear to be bias. Nothing wrong with a little bias, but I think it is making his conclusions unreliable.
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