HSK Kormoran located

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    Feb 8, 2008
    HSK Kormoran
    was a German auxiliary cruiser ( a German equivalent to a Q ship )
    that was sunk during battle off the West Australian coast
    barely more than 2 weeks before Pearl Harbour was attacked
    the ship that intercepted it - HMAS Sydney
    was also lost, but with all hands

    till this day the location of the wreckage , and the true nature of the battle has never been fully known

    the official line is the HMAS Sydney strayed too close under routine inspection
    and was crippled in the opening barrages

    it doesn't ring very true , when you consider HMAS Sydney's operational record
    her shooting, and her professionalism was not in doubt to those that saw that ship in service
    - her battle history at that point had few peers
    this was a ship with reputation like no other british ( australian ) service vessel

    the unofficial line is that HMAS Sydney was trying to seize the secret communications cypher
    and that perhaps Japanese submarines, and harbour spies
    aided the Germans to track the Sydney and her precious consorts
    - the great troop ships
    ( the big , big ones feeding Singapore with re-enforcements
    its plain somebody knew something was about to go down )
    and perhaps also had some part in the final duel

    - Japanese warships effectively had battle orders by november 16 1941
    and much communication between the British , Australian and American governments for this period are still classified secrets
    ( as well as implication Chinese spy rings had also details of impending attacks for pearl and other regions )

    much was ado at that period
    there is much implication that Australian and British far east experts had broken Japanese naval cypher
    - long before the official US line

    and that Japanese involvement in Sydney's loss ( spies, not just subs )
    was deliberately covered up
    and the search for survivors deliberately delayed then misdirected
    - so as to protect current operations to get cyphers elsewhere
    and also to help draw the US into conflict on the allied side

    the loss of HMAS Sydney stunned the nation
    - the crews total loss amounts to Australia's worst naval disaster
    in the investigations
    much evidence from locals has been discredited, perhaps unfairly
    even a squadron commander , having a drink at a local bar, and overhearing plain signal wireless distress calls
    was discredited
    - yet occasionally the odd dying wireless / signit operator hint of the cover ups

    its a mystery with few parallels
    - it represents a huge unanswered question mark for many historians, and more Australian families
    may the full truth come out, sooner than later
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    Feb 8, 2008