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    With help from our sponsor Streamlight, BADF is offering a scholarship worth roughly $2,000 to the Fox River Outfitter’s disabled hunt in Iowa. This scholarship is being offered to disabled hunters on a limited income, by application to This is a black powder or shotgun hunt only (no rifles).

    Details on the hunt are below. The recipient of the scholarship will receive a guided hunt with lodging and meals, with the fee being paid by BADF Disabled Services. We will also reimburse the lucky hunter for his tag and license fees, after the hunt takes place. The cost of the license and tag is $310. It will be up to the recipient to get to the hunt location.


    Applicants should have reported an individual gross income of less than $20,000 on their 2002 tax returns and have a life changing disability or illness. Please answer the following questions and mail your answers to by April 25th, 2003. The recipient will be announced shortly after that date. Please do not apply if you are not serious about attending. Here is the information we need:

    1. Name

    2. Complete Address

    3. Phone Number

    4. Email Address

    5. Age

    6. Type Disability/Illness

    7. Are you in a wheelchair, if yes is it manual or electric?

    8. How many deer have you taken since disabled/ill?

    9. How long have you been disabled/ill?

    10. Would you need to bring an attendant to the hunt?

    11. What kind of vehicle would you drive to the hunt?

    12. What was your individual gross income in 2002?

    13. If you receive this hunt, do you accept responsibility/cost of getting to the hunt location?

    Please email your answers back to

    Iowa has a special hunting season for people with disabilities. This special season was not open to non-residents until two seasons ago when BADF organized a group hunt with Fox River Outfitters and brought the first non-resident disabled hunters into the state of Iowa. Howard with Fox River Outfitters manages 3,000 acres of prime agricultural land in Van Buren County, Iowa. The largest buck taken from his property last year scored about 189 Boone and Crocket, gross. He normally gets $2,200.00 for a 6-day shotgun, muzzleloader, or archery hunt. He is offering a 5-day hunt with him for $1,695.00 per hunter for 5 days, during the special handicapped season. Wheelchair hunters can stay at a local church camp that is relatively handicapped accessible (included in the price of the hunt). Those needing a 'code accessible' facility with roll in shower and the works can stay at a hotel about 10 minutes away from the property, at their own expense. The hotel has one large accessible room with two queen beds in it. The hunt includes meals, lodging (only if you can stay at Fox River's lodge or the church camp), and the guided hunt. The first day of hunting will be September 20th, 2003 and the last day will be October 20th, 2003. Accessible motel room are 10 minutes away in Keosauqua, IA. The cost of a license and tag is about $310 and is paid by the hunter.

    Fox River will have numerous ground blinds for disabled hunters. You can hunt with bow or crossbow, shotguns, or a muzzleloader. If crossbow hunting you must obtain a crossbow permit from the state first. Howard has a large number of big bucks on his property and this early in the year they will be very active and not pressured at all. The closest major airport is about 2 hours from the property.

    The hunt is a draw hunt. About 80% of those applying will draw this year. Iowa has a preference system where if you don't draw this year, you will have priority next season and will more than likely get a tag. We are looking for 6 hunters but will put 12 in for the draw. If more than 6 are drawn Howard will work with us on the additional people. All hunters participating will have to provide proof of severe disability PRIOR to applying for the tag draw. Howard will assist the hunters with this. You have to have proof of your disability in to the DNR before May 5th, 2002. This can be as simple as filling out a form and sending a copy of you handicapped placard. We all have to apply for the tag draw by May 28th.

    A Note on the Accessibility at Fox River’s Lodge and Church Camp:

    At the lodge: you will be able to access bedrooms fairly easily unless your wheelchair is wide. The shower and toilet are in separate rooms. The room with the shower and sink has about 30” door openings. The shower is open but there is no bench. The room with the toilet is very small and has a 24” doorway with no grab bars, and there is no turning room at all in the space. On the last no wheelchair could access this room. At the church camp: you will find a more accessible environment than at the lodge. The beds are arranged in large rooms (camp style). The bathroom is reasonably accessible but does not have a roll-in shower. If you need privacy this may not meet your needs. Howard will be glad to provide names and phone numbers of wheelchair bound hunters who have stayed at both locations for you to speak with and ask questions of.

    Here is Iowa's definition of "severely impaired":

    "Person with a disability" means a person with a disability that limits or impairs the person's ability to walk. A person shall be considered a person with a disability for purposes of this chapter under the following circumstances:

    a. The person cannot walk two hundred feet without stopping to rest.

    b. The person cannot walk without the use of, or assistance from, a brace, cane, crutch, another person, prosthetic device,

    wheelchair, or other assistive device.

    c. The person is restricted by lung disease to such an extent that the person's forced expiratory volume for one second,

    when measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixty mm/hg on room air at rest.

    d. The person uses portable oxygen.

    e. The person has a cardiac condition to the extent that the person's functional limitations are classified in severity as

    class III or class IV according to standards set by the American heart association.

    f. The person is severely limited in the person's ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.

    David Sullivan

    BADF Disabled Services
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