Hunting Goals???

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by warpig, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Do you have goals in Hunting??? Mine are act with fair chase, make a clean kill, keep it a challenge to your abilities.

    What are your goals when you set out to hunt? Interested in hearing others opinions. swede
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    seeing the quarry, don't have to kill one or even get a shot but without even glimpsing what you're after makes for a long day carrying rifle/shotgun

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    Great question Swede. For me getting out into the woods before sunrise for deer is a special time that I cherish every time I go out. My number one goal is to not put any body with me or myself in a dangerous situation. There must be absolute fair chase. If I wanted to kill caged meat, I'd work in a feed lot and slaughter. I like to be able to set still enough to have deer or turkeys come right up to me in the woods. I still don't have any ground to call my own, so I hunt as the opportunity presents itself. this last year, I had a chance to hunt a property where the fellow is trying to manage for big trophies. My agreement with the guy was to hunt for does and meat that I felt suitable. My brother and a friend were to all take does and small bucks. I took a big bodied deer that must have been near 5 years old, but his rack was just a fork horn and no size. I took him to eleminate his chance of spreading his genes. I have yet had a chance to hunt what could be called trophy deer. I hunt for meat mostly. Usually taking deer or game of any kind is just the bonus. I feel that the time spent with a hunting group or family is the greatest benefit there is. We are real choosy about who we hunt with. A member here that posts only once or twice is in our hunting party. I trust him with my life. You could not ask for a better friend. I highly doubt that he will see it here, but if he does, PsychoDocWitAGun-- you da man! He has been hunting with us for the last four or five years. I can remember those hunts like they all happened yesterday. I practice shooting all year around. I don't just want to hit the animal. I want to hit him in the perfect spot. Knowing ones limits is the key to taking game. I am proud of the fact that when I go to the Handicapped shoot, we have a shooting session beforehand. I have been picked to take the long shot the past four years. I can get shots out to 400 yards, fortunately my longest has been 286
    yards with a great rest in a blind. The blinds make sitting in a wheelchair all day bearable. I don't have to kill to have a good time, I can get just as excited by putting bullets in small groups on paper. I had more fun shooting with the gang in the August heat at the BBQ last fall, than all the hunting could have done. So for me, it is what I surround myself with when I go shooting or hunting that makes the time special.

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    I will not shoot anything without putting its meat or hide or both to use.
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    Well, 'Swede -

    My personal goal is to have a good time and hope those hunting with me do the same. After a lifetime of hunting and taking both trophy and mediocre racked animals, I can get a lot of enjoyment out of just being out in the country and the companionship of my fellow hunters - don't have to see something fall dead to enjoy the outing. I guess one of the most pleasurable things is the preparation for the hunt - perfecting the cartridge loads, gathering gear, making travel and boarding arrangements, talking to the other hunt members to organize the trip, etc. The hunt anticipation and planning are very rewarding.

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    Kdub well said! The enjoyment is to see that all have a good, safe time. The planning and anticipation is what really turns my crank, from reloading to pratice, which rifle and who's bringing what usually last a lot longer than after I have pulled the trigger.

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    My main goal would have to be getting into the woods and away from the city. Anything that happens after that is icing on the cake.
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