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    Greetings: i am a 1st time visitor here and would like to know if anyone has info on husqvarna 22 rifles and what they may be worth if at all. it is a bolt action 6 shot repeater with a small box magazine that when inserted only sticks out about 1/4". the safety is behind the rear of the bolt and slides from left to right. it has a crest on the receiver with the word Sweden with the words: Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB Kal 22 and a number: 959. my dad had it as early as 1948 and i accquired it in 1972. it will shoot 22 short/long/long rifle but i prefer long rifle. it is a bit heavy but quite accurate. blueing is still very good and stock has a very small crack at the front end. i would greatly appreciate any info on this.

    dave b
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    In all honesty, pictures are required to make any type of informed assessment. Husqvarna is a Sweedish company (tools, chainsaws ect...) that has made some beautiful firearms; yours may have been made for the military or commercial market. Guns were made for the civilian marksmanship programs and training, again, pictures will help.

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    Huskies are sweet guns. I've got a couple or six, including a 22 bolt, for which I paid the great price of 80 bucks, from a retail establishment, in 2005. They are not very valuable, money-wise, because people don't realize just how good they are. They think, "Husqvarna? Don't they make chainsaws? What do they know about guns?"

    That's good for us that want to buy 'em. Not so good for folks that want to sell 'em.

    Your date is a little early. Importing of these ran from '49 to '55. It sounds like you have either a

    Lätt Repeterstudsare (Salongsgevär) Nr. 622, which translates as Light Repeating Rifle (Miniature rifle) No. 622 , in .22 Long Rifle, clip magazine for 6 rounds 60cm (at 2.5 cm to the inch, that's 24", about) round, rifled, swedish steel barrel. Indexed sights set for 20, 50, 100 and 200m. Leaf sights for export. Imported from 1949-1955. No engraving. Walnut stained Beechwood heavy halfstock. Uncheckered pistol grip. Bolt action, bendt handle. Decendant of No 165.


    Lätt Repeterstudsare (Salongsgevär) Nr. 623 Light Repeating Rifle (Miniature rifle) No. 623 .22 Long Rifle 60cm round, rifled, swedish steel. Apperture sights. 1949-1955 No. Walnut stained Beechwood heavy halfstock. Uncheckered pistol grip.Lead inlays. Bolt action, bendt handle. Competition verison of No. 622.

    Difference appears to be in the sights (leaf versus peep) and the 623 had lead inlays in the stock.

    Serial numbers 200 to 2500 were made in 1949, so your SN 959 is first year of production.
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