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(1/25/03 3:58:41 pm)
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(posting this from pre ban topic to NFA under Tac401's advice-thanks )

Hi guys, im fairly new here, and have some questions about a General Motors Hydra Matic M16 rifle i purchased about 2 months ago.

i succesfully converted mine from a full sized M16 to a "baby size". bought a rock river arms handguard, grip, and buttstock, to complete the conversion. range tested it with about 120 rounds, and so far, it was jam-free.

do any of you guys own one? or have heard about this gun?

what is this gun worth?

how is this gun's performance?

thank you in advance. any advice, or information will be deeply appreciated. i am from manila, by the way

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(1/25/03 4:15:15 pm)
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by the way , here are the markings on the left side of the gun:


CAL. 5.56MM

Manila, Philippines

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(1/26/03 12:20:36 am)
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where did you get it... sounds nice

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(1/26/03 5:29:12 am)
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That would be a very nice collectible M16 here in the USA. Its just too bad that our government will not allow a civilian to bring it in.

In 1968-69, the United States government contracted out orders for M16s from Harrington&Richardson and also GM Hydramatic to boost war time M16 production. I believe just about all of these went to the military with a few exceptions that allowed for a limited number of original factory guns to come into civilian hands here in the US (I am not talking about rewelds either, though many property marked M16s did come into civilian hands this way.)

Hang on to that rifle...its seems such a shame that you don't want to keep it in its factory original form but its your gun, so do whatever makes you happy. They are real collector's pieces here in the NFA community in the US.

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(1/26/03 1:16:13 pm)
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thank you so much AggieAlum and Ballistic

its nice to know what i got here is a nice piece. i actually got it cheap from a friend in the military who desperately needed money. it was in about 95% shape, with serial number tampered and some scratches on the finish. nevertheless the barrel,bolt,and everything else were in very good condition, which is why i decided to convert it. here is a current pic of it:

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(1/26/03 10:51:24 pm)
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Outstanding nunz!

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