Hydraulic depriming for Berdan primed brass

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  1. Cow Caregiver

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    Mar 26, 2003
    I built some of these eight or nine years back for the 7x57 and 8x57 rounds. They were your basic bullet-sized punch with an anvil with a hole in it to allow one to fill the case with water to the base of the neck, insert punch and dab it smartly with a plastic mallet, thus shoving the water out the primer holes, and taking the primer with it.

    This is a fine activity for the summertime, and for teaching the kiddies how to use a hammer without mashing their fingers, but it is a tad bit messy for indoor use. I'm putting some together for use with my sizing dies, and cooking oil, for use at the bench. I may make up a set for the 7.62x39 also. I have a lot of nice brass cases for that round, and it seems a shame to let them go to waste.

    Any nominations for other calibers?
  2. Ross95966

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    May 12, 2002
    Darkest California
    Cow Caregiver,
    Berdan primers have gotten a bum rap over the years. I've used the classic ice pick gambit and bought one of those expensive $7.00 Lachmiller single lever tools, but always was defeated by the hydaulic method. When my Lachmiller tool failed me with .30 Carbine brass I was driven to persevere with the splash system. The secret was to be more forceful with the hammer, using the wrist to increase the snap, sort of like inertia bullet pulling.
    Now, of course it is easy, but now I cannot find Berdan primers. Old Western Scrounger has been unsuccessful in getting RWS primers of late. Fiocci and English primers have been unavailable for several years now. CBC primers work in light shotshell loads, but are too frail for sterner stuff.
    I will be glad to see even the chlorate Russian primers if anyone can get them past customs.
    Have you found a supply of Berdan primers? I hoard my little stash for rare and expensive brass that is unavailable with Boxer pockets.
    Regards from Grayest California,
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  3. Cow Caregiver

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    Mar 26, 2003
    Berdan primers

    I generally go to the big Tulsa gun show (Wannamaker) twice a year. There is a fellow from Illinois that stocks these primers in seven or eight sizes, and I stock up from him. I've been paying $9.50 a thousand or thereabouts with no hazmat charges or anything else. There are dealers there with powder and bullets also, and the deals can be pretty good if you are willing to abide by the old open air market rules.

    Keep in mind that his asking price is not usually what he's willing to take, and price will fluctuate with demand.
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