I am looking to buy a Makarov, HELP !!

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    I am looking to buy a Makarov, HELP !!
    I want to buy one in 9x18 and good-excellent condition. I want to know the specs on them (weight and dimensions) and what you all think about them. I hear tons of bad and ood on them. ALSO, can someone help me find one in the country for the best price?? (let me know where you got yours and for how much) What is the best country of manufacture? THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE INFO GUYS !!!

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    For all you've ever wanted to know about Mak's, try here:




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    What's funny, is you say you've heard good and bad...I've yet to hear ANYTHING bad from somebody who has owned one and shot it extensively.

    I used to have an East German, that was really well made and finished, never had the first malfunction in it, and it was the most accurate pocket handgun I have ever fired, the FIRST group I fired just for a function test went into 3" at ten yards, it was a consistant sub-2" gun at that range...and not only with slow fire...

    I now carry a Russian commercial Baikal IJ-70, which is every bit as much quality as the East German. I bought it used for $125 with all accessories and spare mag at a gunshow recently, I just got lucky. I saw one go at an auction recently for $150, which I thought was a steal then...

    The main difference is the commercial Makarovs have adjustible sights, which are not really that necessary on a small handgun, but it is just as accurate as the EG too.

    The ones commonly available now are the Bulgarians, which people say are every bit as good, and can be had in like new condition. Wholesale, they are anywhere from $109-$119, but there are deals where dealers can get them 2/$99...I've considered going to a real FFL (they are not CR eligible) and even paying his $10/gun fee, and getting two.

    The ONLY complaints I have are the small front sight, which can be tough to pick up quickly on a draw, and the heavy DA pull...but the DA pull is much better on my commercial one, than the EG was.

    I've even got used to the heel clip release...a trick I learned from Makarov.com is to put a split ring through the hole on the clip, and quick mag changes are easy, just grab the ring and pull, the empty mag wll then just fall out.

    The only other problem I have is with the "new" Silver Bear 115gr JHPs...the first and sometimes second round in any mag doesn't feed all the time, that HP is REALLY aggressive...but I think I can fix it by polishing the feed ramp and "breaking" the ramp edge with my dremel, I just haven't done it yet...the 90-95 gr FMJs and JHPs from Barnaul, or any surplus, feed flawlessly.

    I haven't tried any of the new Winchester stuff yet, but I hear they are good and reloadable too...

    For a defensive handgun that is THAT reliable, THAT accurate, and THAT much quality, for that little money, you just can't beat it. It is every bit as good as any .380 out there, INCLUDING Walther, Browning, etc, and the round is better as a defensive round too...slightly more powerful than a .380, and the bullet is larger, actually 9.2mm, so it has a greater frontal area for theoretical transfer of energy...

    East German and Military Russians are CR eligible, but tough to find any more, but can be found at shows and on internet auctions for $150-200. Bulgarians will run you about $150 retail...and like I said, my Baikal was at $135, I talked him down to $125, and it came with extra mag, holster (which makes a good storage case,) cleaning kit, and all paperwork...plus the guy threw in 2 boxes of fmj ammo too...

    GREAT choice...
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