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In 1985 an HK91 came with one steel mag

the side of the rifle says

made in germany


arl. Va. 22201

The other side had


The serial number

and Cal..308

and a symbol for the manufacturer

These rifles will produce alot of soot. They are dirty because of the nature of the way it functions. Not uncommom and not to worry.

I have no idea what SAGA means other than that rifle is probably older than 1985 or newer and has some meaning.

If you want to know more about that rilfe, like the year, and exactly what saga means go to the HK forum.

Pictures would help

Scratches mean nothing to the function of this rilfe. If you shoot it or hunt with it your gona get some scratches. Also mounting a scope with a claw mount will scratch the surface. There is also a buffer that snaps on to keep your brass from getting banged up, it will scratch the paint too. Nothing finer on a HK than some scratches.

If you decide to get it look into williams trigger specialities. For about 200 he can install a set trigger on the thing, very sweet

edit: ok value. That is in the eye of the beholder. Remember this is a rifle that can be dumped in the mud, in water, in freezing cold, in extreme hot, under all kinds of conditions, it can be scopped, it will shoot around 24 to 2500 FPS so the effective range is 5 to 600 yrds, you can go to war with it and you can hunt with it, and is more dependable to keep you alive than anyone else on the planet. Now you put the value on that.

This is not a picasso it is a machine.
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