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Yes you are right a friend of mine just sold one for $2400.00 and I thought no way when he told me the price. It sold in one day. It was a Bushmaster.
There are suckers born every minute.
Yes, $2400 is crazy, but it's a small price to pay for freedom. If the (D)s and pussy-footed (R)s get their way, those things won't be available much longer.

Now, I don't see a ban as an imminent threat. We've been successful so far on that front. So if someone offered me $2400 for mine, I'd sell it in a heartbeat. Shoot, I'd let it go for "only" $2000, a mere twice what I have in it. ;)

There are plenty of ARs on the shelf at my local dealer. Primers of all kinds, too. But his pricing has adjusted about like Cheaper Than Dirt's, so I'm not particularly fond of that shop anymore. If you want to pay $4200 for an LMT AR, you'll get yourself a really nice weapon. And it's your money, so I don't care. But it's not a shop I'll frequent anymore.
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