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(3/18/02 8:46:52 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All I feel like an Infidel. I ordered a new SIG.
Good evening all,
I had just bought a 1991A1 Colt, stainless, got it at a good price. Need to replace the plastic trigger and mainspring housing. Please see my post in the 1911 Forum for details.
I have been looking at guns for the past few weeks needing to replace my 1991A1 Compact until I can get it worked on.
The plastic trigger has shrunk and is flaking and the barrel
bushing looks ready to strip its tab and follow the next round down range.
I was driving down the freeway a few days ago and passed a
1929 Model A Ford, tooling along at cruising speed of 50 mph. I got to thinking of the things that were done the Model A to keep them running and modernised. 12 volt electical system, sealed beam headlights, after hydraulic brakes became standard, some folks would add hydraulic brakes, 16 inch wheels and tires, things to keep it updated and working. What has this got to do with handguns? Be
patient I'm working on background. It was a great car, it
worked, still works, was reliable most of the time, actually the legends are better than the car.
Now for guns. I have been packing Colt revolvers since before some of you good peoples were born. My first gun was a single shot Springfield, I bought it at the watch repair guys shop. He also sold used guns. I was 14 yo.
I got lots of squirrels, rabbits, possums, (oops) for our table. My first revolver was a Colt Pocket Positive, hey it shot .32 Longs!!!!
I have packed 1911s and 1991A1s for years. I started looking for a replacement or standby until I got the Compact fixed. I was looking at the Kimbers and Springfields, Baers , Wilsons, etc .Then it hit me right upside the head, we are adding upgrades to an antique!!
This gun was designed 14 years before the Model A. The Model A will still deliver, but you wouldn't jump in it to carry a family member to the hospital to save their life.
It had modern features, in 1928, it had a concept that is still viable, a reliable 4 cylinder engine that averaged 22 miles per gallon. Same with the 1911 Colt Automatic Pistol. I love it. I will not sell, trade, swap or otherwise rid myself of my Colt pistols. In an emergency, with no other
transportation/defense system at hand, I would drive/shoot them without hesitation.
But now there are modern cars, (They don't build 'em like they used to! Thank whatever transportation gods that there be.)
And now there are modern cars. And guns.
My point is that the 1911 is an antique, no matter how much we gussy it up.
I researched and ordered a SIG 220-45-PT all stainless, a modern .45 ACP. Hey some things were right from the start.
I will continue to shoot my Colts. I will continue to work on my Colts. But I will not trust my life to my Colts again, No matter how much I love them.
By the way at my last CCW class, my Colt jammed. Twice.
I didn't have the guts to post this in the 1911 Forum.<g>
As always the opinions are my own.

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(3/21/02 7:58:34 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: I feel like an Infidel. I ordered a new SIG.
Hiya' barbon, an infidel huh?

I enjoyed your comparisons and would like to know more about your 2 jams. Why?

Now about the Sig, IMHO and personal experience some of the finest combat/carry weapon available. Even though factory ammo is suggested, I never had a feeding problem.

I have not seen anyone else write good/bad reviews about the Sig, until this morning from a Glockie and I can't imagine why?

Chief 101
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(3/21/02 10:18:14 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: I feel like an Infidel. I ordered a new SIG.
Geezzz..........With stirring polish up as much as I seem to have I hope i'm not considered a "glockie". I only own ONE glock, the other dozen are made out of steel, or

Barbon, I carry a Sig P220 on duty and have off and on for 6 or 7 years. I wouldn't have a problem carrying a 1911 for a duty weapon, but the sig is lighter and easier to carry and does everything that my 1911's will do. Except maybe for the Kimber target gun, it groups a little tighter. I've been eyeing that new stainless glock myself, please keep us up to date on how it does!


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(3/22/02 2:26:04 am)
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Good morning,
In case any of you guys are wondering, I am usually up most of the night, I'm retired now, but after working a lifetime at
night I can't sleep in the dark. <g>

Chief, I don't know what caused the jams. My magazines are all Colt. One was a stovepipe and the other was a godawful. A live round was sideways and scrunched in the chamber.
I had to hammer the slide back. The instructor was pretty jittery about my gunsmithing techniques. I don't know whether it was a defective round or what. I cycle all carrying and hunting cartridges thru the action before I load for bear, except I didn't that go around. I was using UMC.

As usual most of my smarts is the direct results of some of my dumbs. I learned to cycle the ammo in 1968. I bought
a new Model 94 Winchester and a box of bullets. I went to the back pasture
to shoot and the rifle jammed almost every round. Yep said the old guys, the new guns ain't worth a durn.
I sold the damn gun to a dealer and never went back to his shop. Fast forward to 1993. I bought a pre-64 cherry Model 94. Looked in my ammo drawer, pulled out the box
of ammo from 1968 and headed to the range.
You guessed it. The pre64 cherry good ol' gun jammed. Tight.
The cartridges in this box of ammo had a swelled area about 1/2 inch from the base. It was Federal Ammunition.
Never having thrown any brass away, I will reload someday, I still had some of the fired brass from 1968 in my storehouse/junkhouse, and it was swelled slightly in the same spot. The bad new ammo caused me to reject a whole model of rifle for 30 years.

I hear a nacho calling. I think I will go drown it with a bottle of Dos Equis.
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