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The only changes I made to this reply was to x out my last name and my email address. Not sure why I felt I needed to do that but I did. Other than that this is exactly the email I sent and the answer I got back. I did not change anything else.

RE: storing ammo in a Pmag
Sent By: "Lynette Flores" <[email protected]> On: May 05/14/13 6:07 PM
To: "Thom XxXxxx" <[email protected]>


Thank you for your inquiry. The factor that truly wears out quality springs is compression cycles, not constant compression. However, we use high-quality stainless steel springs in our PMAGs and if one ever does happen to wear out any USGI spec spring can be swapped out for the factory one.

Regarding the question of how long, we’ve had magazines fully loaded for over four years now with no Impact/Dust Cover on and have experienced no feed lip or spring issues. With the cover installed storage life is considered indefinite. There have also been PMAGS reportedly tested to hundreds-of-thousands of rounds (military vetting), and we know positively of ones that have gone tens-of-thousands, so usable life is quite excellent too.

The Magpul Team

From: Thom XxXxxx [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 12:13 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: storing ammo in a Pmag


I am a prepper. My SHTF weapon of choice is a Sig M400 Enhanced loaded with Magpul Pmag 30s. As a result I own many Pmag 30s in many different configurations of the Pmag. I store them loaded and ready to use.

Just recently I was told that long term storage of a loaded mag may damage the spring inside the mag and that I should rotate the ammo out of the mags and not store them loaded long term ( 6 months to a year or more ) This sounds both reasonable and unreasonable at the same time. I need advice from the experts on this.

Does long term storage of a loaded magazine damage the magazine in any way?

Thank you for your advice
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