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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) of my buddies down here sent me an email telling me to get on CL quick and email a guy about some casting equipment, specifically a RCBS luberisizer. (I was chatting about him one day and said I was thinking of doing some casting at some point). The person who posted the ad said he didn't want to break up all the items listed, but that if they didn't sell he would email me back. Well a week later he emailed me and said for $50 he would sell me the sizer...........this is what I got for that $50.

a almost new RCBS Lub-a-sizer and

Sizing/Lubricating dies...


Top Punches...


and one unknown/unmarked. The gentleman who previously owned the sizer was a tool and die maker, so it maybe a one of a kind handmade top punch. I will need to measure it to see what it is. I do know it looks like it is for a round nosed bullet...maybe a 45acp

*********He then emails me about a week later and said he found more stuff.....about 6 moulds and said he was looking for $70 for them. I told him heck yeah not really knowing what he had. I figured from the last time it would be worth it. Here's a breakdown.

Lyman Moulds:

# 358477
#358429 (given to my buddy because he always takes care of me when I need reloading stuff)

Lyman 4 cavity Ingot Mould
Lyman Lead Pot
A large set of Lyman handles
and a set of replacement handles.

So what do you guys think......did I make out like a fat rat or what

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more like a fat muskrat!! good deal!!

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Great deal ! and fat rat???...... nah, I had alot of other descriptive words not suitable to print here :D:D
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