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My LGS called to tell me he got in an Enfield. He knows I am into old military guns, I returned the favor by getting my buns to his shop ASAP.

The gun he has is a very nice No.4 Mkl*. The stock has been refinished, but it hasn't been altered. The metal is very good, with most of the bluing intact. The barrel is in the best shape I have seen in a milsurp. The sights are intact, even the buttplate is in good shape. Overall, the gun is in the best shape I have seen in milsurps. He's asking 300 bucks for it, I don't think that's our of line for the shape it's in.

But, being so close after Christmas and such, that amount is er, ah, a little steep for me. Enter my 1972 Ruger Super Bearcat. That little pistol is in very good shape, I think it's worth a good chunk of what he wants for the Enfield. Since the Ruger is not something I really like (I'm sure I'll get far more use from the Brit, the only downside to that is I'll be investing in dies and such.

So, Saturday I'll take my Ruger to the gun shop and we'll see what transpires.......

(Several days later)

A deal was struck between my LGS owner and myself that was good for both of us and I took Winston home with me.

SO, I succumbed to instinct and watched my new (to me) 1942 Savage Enfield disassemble itself. Here's what I found:

The woodwork is all intact, all the metal caps and bands are there. The stock has been refinished, there are no stamps or marks visible. The bands and caps are not blued, they seem to be natural finished with some light rust. There is no cross bolt.

The receiver and bolt have the same serial #, the bolt head is a #1 . The barrel does not have the same serial # as the receiver. The receiver has little if any bluing on it, the barrel has quite a bit left on it. There is a strap (sling)on it, I will research to see if it is proper or original.

I cleaned the surface rust with a rag dipped in oil and lightly oiled all metal surfaces and reassembled it without doing anything else with it. I ordered a Lee die set (the one with the neck sizing die), case trimmer, and a box of Priv Partizan 150gr SPs. I got the supplies through because MidwayUSA was 10 bucks more expensive for an identical order.

It appears to be an early production rifle, it has the magazine cut-off recess on the stock, the trigger is fluted, and it has the round cocking piece (thanks to for that info).

I stripped the varnish from the stock and finished it with BLO.

I have successfully resisted the urge to blast and blue the metal.



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