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I got a nice Lithgow SMLE...

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...and it has a big stock cartouche-


...on the right side of the butttstock.
What the heck does the "HV" stand for?

Paging jack!....:D
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lithgow or Orange ?

43 they move SMLE production to Orange (OA ) marking if lithgow it'll be before April

now some have both , parts made at lithgow and assembled in orange lithgow concentrated on Bren guns and owens and a few others after but made parts for smle well into 44

making the SMLE was down pat so sent it to others while lithgow experience was used to simplify construction of other weapons
The final serial number at Lithgow for a new production SMLE was E67550
Lithgow = Australian manufacture at the Lithgow Small Arms Rifle Factory No1.
SMLE = Short Magazine Lee Enfield.
MA = Manufacture Australia.
HV = High Velocity ammunition.
III* = Mark III model designation the * set this mark apart from the MkIII in that it ommitted certain features such as volley sights, magazine cut off et al.
1/47 = January 1947 refurbishment by the Lithgow Factory or an armorer. ( or match numbers to dates for refurb info )
look like this ??

Yes but i was wrong and mine is 1942.
Also has-


stamped in the wood.

On the metal above the trigger is-


Serial number appears to be C63688

Thanks jack!:)
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I also have the perfect bayonet for this beautiful rifle and the whole thing is just so cool I can't believe it.:D
then it'd be a 1941 that had some work done in 42 , i'll check the serial and see if i can find a issuing unit when Kessick barracks opens in the morning

but its melbourne cup day tomorrow ( today its after midnight now ) so it may not be till tuesday

we take our horse racing seriously here ( maybe too much) and they may not turn the data network on at all

it is Australia eh ..

so take some pic's and post em

you gotta know gun porn is acceptable and even required here ..

i'll start you off


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Thanks again, Jack.

This rifle does not appear to have been seen a battlefield, at least to me.
It is just too pretty.

Maybe a home guard unit?

It even has the brass oil bottle in the butt trap!
hope to find out , a lot we can as we have good records

about 80% we can find armoury records ( who they gave em too by serial number then trace the serial to a name and rank etc )
Also has-

...stamped on the right side of the butt.
D^D is Dept Defence

4 by itself? and located where ??

pic's my friend we need pic's

worth a thousand words they say

The "4" is directly beneath the D^D and above the c63688.

I can't post pics cause I'm on a borrowed computer and I would have to load my camera software on it.
Need permission and would feel presumptuous to ask.

My computer was destroyed by a lightning strike about 4 weeks ago.

ok camera have a SD card ??

if it saves as jpg or png no need for software , just copy and paste , or upload direct from the SD card

dont need software if you have removable memory

ok camera have a SD card ??

if it saves as jpg or png no need for software , just copy and paste , or upload direct from the SD card

dont need software if you have removable memory
OH! I could try that.:)
C 52401 - C 63955 inclusive where all 2/7th division so its a good guess your rifle saw action , but i cant access further today cause of everyone having a party for melbourne cup day

more info tomorrow i hope

the only exception to these are stamped A broad arrow F (A^F) these where Air force issue and where pulled out to arm Airfield guards and Air Force ground personnel

some have marks where the D^D was ground off and overstamped A^F
Thanks so much, Jack.
You da mensch. ;)

This computer has no port for the card from my camera.
I'll have a new computer soon though.
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