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(7/21/01 11:15:13 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All I got me a new smoke pole!
Welllllll,at least new to me.Got it off auction arms .Good news is it is "Like new in box".The down side is the tacks added to give it that native american look.Ohh yeah,it's a Lyman 54 gun in flint.
I couldn't see spending 350 for new,but had no problem coming off 191 delivered!

Still looking for a 20 ga smooth bore flint kit(A good kit) like Jim Chambers,one that someone bought and never finished.

I think the Lyman will make a good hunting gun.Might not shoot as good as my zip guns(Austin Hallecks)but more fun.

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(7/22/01 12:15:42 am)
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Not fair! But I'm glad you got one. I have a blackpowder 50 cal rifle but not a flint one. Enjoy shooting - they are great!

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(8/6/01 8:12:35 pm)
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I just LOVE those charcoal burners! I found an old CVS Mountain Rifle in unfired condition a couple of months ago. It's U.S. made and actually a good double-key sendup of an original Plains rifle! got it for $125! Not bad considering they went for about $325 new. I put a nice adjustable buckhorn on the rear and a small hooded post on the front. Not correct at all, but it gives a great sight picture and looks kinda nice to my eye! Anyway, I was wondering if you know where I might find a good black powder gunsmith. I want to have a good trigger and lock put on it. It's a VERY accurate rifle, but could still use some help. These particular CVS barrels are known for being pretty nasty(cold forged), so I really want to build this gun into something nice.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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(8/27/01 10:27:01 pm)
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Mo, get a copy of "MuzzleBlasts" from the NMLRA and they'll have all the BP 'smiths listed...

Too bad you can't make it to Friendship for the Fall shoot, or the Spring next year, the Manufacturers Row would blow your mind.

I picked up a 20 year old "New in Box" Hopkins Allen "Minuteman Brush" short rifle in .45 Flint from Dixie's booth there about 10 years ago, for $100, only got one deer with it so far, but it's a hoot and darn accurate when it decides to go bang.

If you get to Dixie's booth right after they open on the first day they always have one of a kind "steals" first come first serve...
Well, I didn't win the Powerball, so I still collect Russian Crap and variants thereof. ( And am darn happy I can!)
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